Gypsy Rose Blanchard Ditches Blonde Hair For Natural Brunette


The ex-convict, who was released on parole in December 2023, had undergone plastic surgery to reform her nose, had porcelain caps fitted to her teeth, and went from brunette to blonde.

After months of testing whether blondes have more fun, Gypsy Rose Blanchard has decided to change her hair color again.

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Goes Through Personal Transformation

Instagram | Gypsy Rose Blanchard

In the months following her prison release, Gypsy Rose Blanchard underwent a “personal transformation,” all of which will be shown in her upcoming docuseries, “Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up.”

“I’m going through a personal transformation journey currently and that includes a physical one, too. Wish me luck with my surgery and watch the whole thing this summer on ‘Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up,'” she told PEOPLE Magazine in April ahead of her nose job.

Last month, the 32-year-old shared a photo of herself posing in a crop top on her Instagram page and writing, “Blondes have more fun.”

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Starting A ‘New Chapter’

Gypsy Rose Blanchard smiling in selfiie
Instagram | Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Ahead of her upcoming Lifetime docuseries, the 32-year-old expressed the “new chapter” she is starting, expressing that she is ready to embrace a “new look, a new me, new style, new everything.”

“So I think that showing people and taking them on that journey with me was important for me because you get little bits and pieces of what my life has been like in the last five months from articles online, TikTok videos, social media, little bits here and there,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “But no one gets to actually be in the room with me except for my family.”

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What Color Did Gypsy Rose Blanchard Dye Her Hair?

One month after going blonde, Gypsy Rose Blanchard has decided to return to her natural brunette.

“Went back to my natural,” she captioned the selfie, showing off her newly dyed hair. Celebrity hairstylist Brittney Dinse commented, “Love it,” as one of her fans commented, “I love it. Easier to maintain too!”

The new hairstyle comes weeks after she confirmed her rekindled romance with Ken Urker, whom she was engaged to while she was in prison before she married her estranged husband, Ryan Anderson.

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Gets Back Together With Ken Urker

“Unfortunately, my husband and I are going through a separation, and I have moved in with my parents down the bayou. I have the support of my family and friends to help guide me through this. I am learning to listen to my heart,” she shared earlier this year.

Weeks after dropping the bombshell, Gypsy confirmed she was back together with her ex.

“When did I know he was the one?” she recently asked E! News. “Probably the day I met him back in 2017.”

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“Ken and I have kept a friendship this whole time,” she added of her relationship with the 31-year-old. “It wasn’t until I filed for divorce that I kind of really realized that that spark, that connection (with Ken) is even better than I expected and we’ve grown a lot. I’ve matured. He’s grown. And so I think right now is the time in our lives that it’s the right time, right place, right everything.”

How Did The Two Meet?

In 2019, Gypsy Rose Blanchard spoke to E! News, recalling how she met Ken Urker.

“He wrote me a letter of support after watching the HBO documentary ‘Mommy Dead and Dearest’ back in 2017,” she said at the time. “Anyway, I wrote him back, and pretty soon, we just started writing on a weekly basis. We became fast friends. It was pretty soon after that that we started talking on the phone. We would spend hours on the phone.”

The two eventually met in person after Gypsy sent a visitation form. “He came, and it was kind of a funny story, but within the first thirty minutes, he leaned over and gave me the most wonderful kiss of my whole life. So it’s a prison visitation room, so the level of physical contact that is allowed is limited to holding hands and a brief hug and a closed mouth kiss.”

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“Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up” will premiere on Lifetime on June 3.

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