Gypsy Rose Blanchard Breaks Silence On ‘Super Gross’ Details Of Nose Job


Gypsy Rose Blanchard proudly got candid about her nose job, sharing the good and bad about her post-surgery life.

A month after going under the knife, the former convict happily discussed the reason behind her transformation and her healing journey while filming a get ready with me (GRWM) video for TikTok.

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Did Her Research Before Getting A Nose Job


In the ‘GRWM’ video, Blanchard donned a flattering sleeveless slip dress while sitting in a bathroom. She began by holding her hair up with a large claw clip before leading fans through her makeup routine.

While applying foundation to her face using a pink blending sponge, Blanchard revealed, “I gotta be careful around my nose because, um, as everybody knows, I had a nose job.”

“I have to be careful because my nose is still healing,” she explained while cautiously blending the foundation into her skin. The 32-year-old also noted she had done a lot of “research on TikTok” before going under the knife in April.

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What surprised Blanchard the most from her research was learning that it took a “full year to finally see the final results” of a nose job. Also, one’s nose could look good a month into recovery but look like “you’ve been beat in the face” the next month.

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The ‘Gross’ Part Of Blanchard’s Recovery Journey

Aside from having difficulty breathing, Blanchard revealed her post-surgery nose had developed a “gross” detail. “One of the things I’m dealing with is, like, the internal stitches that still kind of itch,” she said, adding:

“And let me just tell ya… this is gross, this is TMI… the boogers are insane! These are huge! I can’t even blow my nose. I have to use Q-tips andlikego in there so I can get all that stuff out. It’s super gross.”

That wasn’t all; Blanchard noted she still uses Tylenol to ease the pain even though it has been a month after her surgery. Nonetheless, she stressed that she is enjoying the results of her nose job.

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The Former Convict Says Her Old Nose Is A Result Of Genetics

Gypsy Rose Blanchard takes mrror selfie
Instagram | Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Blanchard paused her foundation blending to share a picture of her nose before the surgery. She explained that she used to have a “predominant bump” with a “tilt on the slant” because of genetics from her father’s side of the family.

“(I) didn’t feel like it was a feminine nose. God knows I got teased about it,” Blanchard confessed. She also shared an after-surgery photo, revealing her new nose without the “predominant bump” came with a price.

According to Blanchard, she had to wear post-surgery bandages and kept them on for five days. This resulted in “internal packing,” which made it difficult for her to breathe alongside an unflattering detail.

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Fans Love Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s ‘GRWM’ Video

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Exits "The View" Television Taping

Blanchard’s “GRWM” post received positive responses from fans, with many asking her to start a post-prison series. One TikTok user declared: “Gypsy, I could listen to you all day,” before thanking her for her makeup tips.

Another supporter chimed: “I love that you’re surviving and thriving, keep going, it’s good to see.” A third begged, “Do more GRWM,” while a fourth noted: 

“Your nose looks amazing! It looks very natural (red heart emoji).”

“Love watching you blossom and come into your own person,” a fan added, with another TikTok user writing: “This is great content, nose job info, life & makeup in prison are great topics.”

Dr. Paul Nassif Hopes Blanchard Will Avoid Getting Addicted To Plastic Surgery


Last month, The Blast revealed that famous plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif weighed in on Blanchard’s nose job. He noted that many individuals tend to alter their appearance after their initial cosmetic procedure excessively.

The doctor stressed that these excessive interventions can lead to patients looking “botched,” forcing them to come to him and his “Botched” co-star, Dr. Terry Dubrow. He hoped this wouldn’t be the case for Blanchard, saying:

“If it is done properly, with the right patient, then hopefully she’s gonna have a fantastic outcome and like her results.”

Dr. Nassif also slammed critics who argued that it was too soon for Blanchard to alter her appearance. He stressed that she had the right to transform at her own pace and on her own timeline.

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