Olivia Dunne In Her Bikini Ditches ‘Spray Tan For A Real Tan’


Renowned gymnast Olivia Dunne has captured the attention of fans and followers with a refreshing embrace of her natural beauty.

In an Instagram post, Dunne proudly flaunted her bikini-clad figure while revealing her decision to ditch the artificial spray tan in favor of soaking up some real sun.

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Olivia Dunne Works On Her Tan In A Tiny Two-Piece

Known for her impeccable athleticism and grace on the gymnastics floor, Dunne’s post showcased a different side of the athlete as she enjoyed some leisure time under the sun.

With a caption that read, “Trading in the spray tan for a real tan,” Dunne shared a series of photos capturing her radiant glow and relaxed demeanor.

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Making Jaws Drop With A Rear View

Devoted followers are well aware of the 21-year-old’s penchant for oceanic adventures. In her update, she struck a pose post-swim, sending some of her fans into a frenzy. According to the geotag, the enchanting scene unfolded in Hutchinson Island South, a barrier island nestled amidst the Treasure Coast of Florida.

In the captivating photo, Dunne stood gracefully on the shallow waters, her back turned towards the camera. With her arms and hands drawn close to her chest, she arched her back elegantly, flashing a charming smile over her shoulder as she met the lens with her gaze.

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Soaked In Sunshine

The radiant sunshine accentuated her flawless complexion, casting a natural glow upon Dunne’s well-toned physique. Its golden beams delicately highlighted her cleavage and imparted a sensual sheen to her supple skin.

The backdrop of a cloudless blue sky and the vast expanse of the ocean on the horizon provided a breathtaking setting. However, it was Dunne’s playful pose that commanded the attention of most viewers, captivating them with her cheeky allure.

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Tantalizing In Teal

The SI Swimsuit model exuded undeniable allure as she showcased her sun-kissed curves in a striking teal bikini. Her top hugged her chest perfectly, boasting thin straps that gracefully looped over her shoulders, accentuating her slender arms. Meanwhile, the back was adorned with additional straps, adding an extra touch of allure.

Complementing the top, the matching thong bottoms sported a simple yet tantalizing design. The waistband drew attention to her petite waist and slender hips, while the high-cut leg openings accentuated her lithe legs, teasingly concealed from view. With its thong-style feature, the garment allowed Dunne to proudly flaunt her pert derrière, much to the delight of her adoring fans.

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Looking ‘So Fine’

“WOW, SO SO FINE, LIVVY. SO FINE,” enthused one admirer.

“Such a beautiful view,” remarked another, appreciating the scenery and Dunne’s beauty.

“Your (peach emoji) is perfect, bruh,” noted the third commenter, acknowledging Dunne’s stunning physique.

“You are so beautiful! I’m about to transfer to LSU. Oh god,” added the fourth user.

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