McKayla Maroney In Tight Bodysuit Shows A Good ‘Choice’


Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney may have gravitated toward cute dresses and stylish blouses since her 2016 retirement, but the 28-year-old hasn’t lost her gymnast touch. In February 2022, she posted for her 1.3 million Instagram followers, opening with a cute, low-key selfie of her face, but quickly slipping back into an outfit that wouldn’t have gone amiss on training day. Rocking a ballet-infused look as she wore colorful warm-up pants with a pink bodysuit, McKayla told fans that pink is “never a bad choice,” of course making sure to rock the color throughout her gallery. Fans have left the brunette over 33,000 likes.

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Pink Is ‘Never A Bad Choice’

Scroll for the photos. Showing off her gorgeous features as she smiled softly into the camera to kick things off, McKayla sat amid indoor planters while wearing a ribbed, zip-up top in pink. Keeping her girly vibes up, the former GEICO ambassador wore pink eyeshadow to match as she sported a glossy lip, making sure to highlight her green eyes and thick lashes.

A bouquet of red roses followed as McKayla kept her vibe romantic, but it all turned into an OOTD as the third slide showed the gymnast posing in front of a full-length mirror to showcase her look.

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Peeping her toned torso as the camera cut her off before the shoulders, McKayla showed off her tiny waist in a pastel-pink bodysuit with a hip-flaunting, high-cut design. Wearing her ballerina-style warm-ups as she hid her toned legs in her loud, striped-effect pants, McKayla reminded fans of the figure she’s so famous for, but her energy was more comfy at home than flaunting it. She even threw in a pair of pink shoes.

Fans also got cat memes, some nail glam, plus a video treat at the end as McKayla closed her gallery in the same look she’d worn to open it. “Pink is never a bad choice,” she wrote.

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Motivating In Her Workout Look

McKayla continues to keep herself in tip-top shape despite no longer competing. The star sizzled in tight yoga pants and a sports bra as she opened a gym gallery from a yoga mat in her October 2021 Instagram share, even throwing out some helpful motivational content for her fans.

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‘Rise And Shine’

In a caption, she wrote: “Rise and shine,” adding: “Whatever you’re going through you CAN come out the other side brighter, and more refined!!!! It’s okay to rest, heal, and take days off, but never give up on yourself, and your happiness. With God all things are possible.” Fans literally can’t get enough of McKayla. Gushing over their favorite gymnast, one replied: “Even if this page is a fraud it’s all worth it just to see pics of u..”

Of course, the above October welcome gained mad love as McKayla stunned in her cute pink bikini.

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