McKayla Maroney In Braless Minidress ‘Ignored The Red Flags’


McKayla Maroney proved an open book as she stunned Instagram in a peachy minidress while discussing gut health and the diet choices she now regrets In 2022. In May of that year, the 28-year-old Olympic gymnast posted to her Glowy by McKayla wellness account, a feed that discusses a range of issues, from skincare and fitness to mental health. Dedicating this post to all things gut, McKayla reflected on her past obsession with “clean” and “raw” eating, admitting that the strict diet did her no favors. In fact, she even confessed to ignoring the “red flags” that were right in front of her.

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McKayla Maroney Talks Health In Minidress

Scroll for the photo. Looking gorgeous as she sat in a quiet outdoor spot and on a textured rug amid plump cushions, McKayla flew the flag for backyard chic as she highlighted her curves in a long-sleeved, waffle minidress with a low neckline. With the dress’ salmon hues contrasting her porcelain skin, the London 2012 Olympics star stunned in her busty look, going braless in long sleeves and with the clingy fabrics perfectly flattering her fit frame.

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Sending the camera a soft smile as she sat comfortably with her legs folded a little, McKayla Maroney kept glam with double gold necklaces, rings on her fingers, and a matte face of makeup that accentuated her full pout.

Sporting her hair down as she delivered a soft, deep gaze, McKayla offered plenty to look at, but this post was no fashion show. “Gut health is really important when it comes to skin! Especially if you have reactive or sensitive skin,” the California native began.

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Ignored ‘The Red Flags’

Continuing, McKayla reminded fans the skin is the “largest detoxification organ,” adding that when food isn’t well digested, it can “purify through our skin.” While Maroney once suffered from ongoing acne issues, she confirmed that flare-ups for her are now rare, notably stating that the cause for her isn’t “about skincare and more related to digestive health.”

“For example, when I did a raw vegan diet, I was so obsessed with eating “clean” and “perfect” but I wasn’t feeling good, or digesting well at all, and my skin paid the price. I just kept ignoring the red flags that this diet was not working for me,” McKayla added, throwing in a red flag emoji.

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Thought Healthy Meant Suffering

McKayla Maroney, who has an estimated net worth of $3 million, confessed that she “got lost in dogmatic thinking,” even thinking that she needed to “suffer” and do “crazy” things to achieve health. Here, the Olympian pointed a giant finger at “gymnastics,” a sport known for its rigorous physical requirements and endless allegations of toxicity.

McKayla is now recovered from both anorexia and bulimia. She prioritizes health and balance and has often updated her IG with workout content.

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