WATCH: Gunna Has Been Serving Fitness Goals Lately & The Gworlz Are Here For The Body Ody!


Gunna has been hitting the gym consistently and it SHOWS! The rapper’s summer body is looking A1 and social media has been gagging over it all week.

His physique took a drastic turn after he spent a few months jailed from March to December 2022. He lost much of his body fat thickness while behind bars, but in the last year of his release, he’s toned up! While he spent 2023 releasing hits from the booth, he seemed to take a step back from more social settings.

Now, more than a year and a half since his release, Gunna is outside and so are his abs!

Gunna’s Abs Pop On Stage

As mentioned, the ‘Prada Dem’ rapper has been going viral lately over his toned body. That happened earlier this week when social media users hardly recognized the artist during a trending performance clip.

While performing on stage in Houston, Gunna appeared in designer, fringed jeans, with dark sunglasses and shirtless. His six abs were highly visible with a lil’ sweat glean!

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After The Shade Room reposted the clip, the Roomies couldn’t believe their eyes, chile!

“Take the glasses off, cause right now it’s not even looking like his face,” @_jesswon wrote.

“I ain’t never seen someone lose weight and literally turn into a completely different person cus who this? Lol,” @monicaxlynn wrote.

@naturallynick__ said, “excuse me but why does this look like da baby and lil baby morphed into one.” 

@itssss.gen, “Is Gunna in the room with us?”

“See what being a law abiding citizen can do [heart eye and exhale emojis],” @the.nelliana said.

Watch the viral video below.

Rapper Hits The Field With The Patriots

On Saturday (June 1), the artist joined players from the New England Patriots for a workout session. He shared the footage to his Instagram Story. He and the players were all dressed in a matching team-branded shirt-and-pants set.

They seemingly started in the gym with weights, before moving to catching footballs on a grassy practice field.

Comments on The Shade Room were here for Gunna’s lifestyle chnage.

@tropical.shorty said,“I never thought I’d be looking at Gunna as fitness goals 🔥 he did that.” 

@thecierachantal wrote, “I thinks it’s good when ppl come out of jail and maintain their jail house physique.” 


Swipe below to see all the footage.


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