Golfer Grace Charis In Braless Romper Says ‘Let’s Golf’


Golfer Grace Charis did not play during the Masters tournament but her fans wish she had been competing!

The popular OnlyFans model took up golfing during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and fans have loved following her journey on Instagram! They especially like the fact that she tends not to wear a bra while she golfs, often exposing her chest in colorful crop tops with a plunging neckline.

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Grace Puts On A Nippy Display In Her Thin Purple Romper

Although fans all love Grace’s blue jumpsuit, she decided to switch things up by wearing one in a purple color. This one was unbuttoned around her chest, although it was still clear to anyone watching that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath the thin material. She paired the look with a white visor, white sneakers, and low-cut white socks as she flaunted her lean legs on the green.

“Let’s golf,” she wrote in the caption. “I love your outfit today. Purple is my favorite color,” one fan commented. “I bet she caught everyone at the beginning,” another follower wrote. “Good shot… she’s so beautiful,” a third fan chimed in. “What a lovely color,” another follower gushed along with a purple heart emoji as fans praised her latest outfit and her signature swing.

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Grace Charis In Blue Romper Asks ‘What’s In My Bag?’

“Hey guys! It’s Grace Charis. Today I’m going through what’s in my bag. Let’s go!” Grace said as she proceeded to name all of the different clubs that she kept in her bag, from her irons to her wedges. In the side of her bag, she always keeps a towel, her bag tag, and a club cleaner. She always keeps an extra sleeve of balls on hand as well as extra gloves, hand warmers, tees, and Sharpies.

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“No condoms?” one fan asked. “Ever carry an extra bra?” another follower asked. “Why is this video three hours long?” a third fan asked. “I think we can all see what’s in her bag,” another follower commented. “Oh wow. GolfHub again,” another fan teased. “Looking fabulous! Great Jumper! Great physique! Beautiful!” another follower exclaimed. “Fun!!! You’ve inspired me to get back on the course. I played a lot during the pandemic but not since,” another fan shared.

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Grace Showcases Her Signature Swing

In another Instagram post captioned “She from Texas'” Grace put her signature swing on display in a tiny purple crop top and a white skirt. It’s clear that she is not wearing anything underneath the thin fabric as she walks by the camera with a smile. She then pours a bucket of golf balls all over the ground before giving fans a slow-motion shot of her signature swing.

“And the outfit is back,” one fan commented. “Great shot,” another follower wrote. “Her grip seems tight! Amazing control!” a third fan agreed. “So many balls but fans only focus on two,” another follower joked. “Sweet backswing, beautiful sexy lady,” another fan gushed while another follower added, “Great swing. Better outfit.”

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Grace Shares Footage Of Her First Time Golfing In Hilton Head

Grace wore a light blue tank top and a black skirt to show her first time golfing at Hilton Head. Instead of the slow-motion swings that she is known for, Grace took her time to carefully line up each shot after hitting the ball in the bunker. “Some day I’m going to learn how to putt,” she tells the camera after she misses hitting the ball in the hole twice.

“Play a hole with me! First time golfing in Hilton Head,” she wrote in the caption. “I like the reaction from the third hit,” one fan commented. “Really? So close already,” another follower wrote. “You’re probably a far better golfer than I am but I am the putt master & I can tell you took the putter head way too far back for such a short putt. Also… will you be my boo?” a third fan asked but Grace did not reply! “What? You should’ve had that Putt! LOL,” another follower chimed in.

Interested in more Grace Charis content? In another recent Instagram post, the popular OnlyFans model was “distracting” others on the golf course by unzipping her tight crop top and showing off a nippy display! Fans can find out if Grace really is always cold by clicking here!

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