Godzilla Vs. Kong’s Screenwriter Tried To Bring Mechagodzilla Into An Earlier Film – SlashFilm


“Godzilla: King of the Monsters” hones in on the awakening of the Titans around the world, leading to an uncharacteristic team-up between Godzilla and Mothra to fight Ghidorah and Rodan. The return of these popular beasts should have contributed to this entry’s appeal, but a poor, shaky script, along with an utter lack of visual splendor (that is even mildly interesting) squashes the potential of the premise. While Mechagodzilla’s premise might have not salvaged these missteps, it could have been interesting to witness the motivations behind the people controlling the suit in a decisive showdown between monsters.

Borenstein explained how the process of introducing Mechagodzilla came to be:

“It took a lot of tinkering to get it to work. Initially, in my first draft of ‘Godzilla: (King of the Monsters)’, the piece that was in my version was Mechagodzilla appearing in that film. They punted that, but ultimately it was cool to see it re-emerge when I came back in on ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’. It made a lot of sense to be there because then you have these two iconic adversaries, but neither one is a villain. So let’s introduce an iconic villain.”

Borenstein also explained why Mechagodzilla is such a great character, as his presence leads Kong and Godzilla to directly aid humans in “Godzilla vs. Kong,” despite the fact that “these creatures are really not representational of human agency.” Although this is a world ultimately ruled by monsters, where humans are “expendable amongst the insanity,” Mechagodzilla allows disempowered humans to fight the monsters head-on, even if the motivations behind such urges are convoluted. After all, Mechagodzilla will always be powered either by conscience or a complete absence of it, depending on the person faux-piloting the ginormous metal suit.

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