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The Rory/Dean/Jess love triangle crashes and burns in season 3 — particularly in one of the best “Gilmore Girls” episodes, “They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?” which takes place at a 24-hour dance marathon. #TeamJess wins out, but he and Rory’s relationship is different than her first one with Dean. Although she and Jess have chemistry and share a love of literature, his hot-headedness and wayward nature d not make him a very good boyfriend — which is a massive bummer. Rory’s magnetic attraction to Jess, his rebelliousness, and her lingering feelings for Dean (who ends up getting engaged to Lindsay) create an intriguing web of emotions. They are just as confusing as Lorelai’s involvement with Sherry, Christopher’s newest baby mama, and Luke’s relationship with a high-powered lawyer named Nicole. 

One of the highlights of this season is the introduction of Dave Rygalski, played by an adorable Adam Brody. He’s a sweet musician who reads the entire Bible to find a quote for Mrs. Kim so that he can take Lane to the prom. It’s a shame that Adam Brody’s gig on “The O.C.” took him away from “Gilmore Girls,” because he seemed like a great partner for Lane. The development of their romantic relationship would have been a joy to see —  more so than with the oafish Zack. Season 3 is a whirlwind of romantic and familial conflicts filled with the small-town idiosyncrasies and coming-of-age themes that make “Gilmore Girls” so revered. 

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