Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Introduces A New Wrinkle To The Ghost World – SlashFilm


Most of the ghosts shown in the “Ghostbusters” franchise are ones that need to be captured or taken out, typically locked up in the Containment Unit storage in the firehouse or defeated completely. In the case of Egon Spengler, he appeared as a ghost long enough to help his family but then passed over. In “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire,” Phoebe Spengler describes the process as beautiful, and that passing over involves all of your particles becoming interwoven into the fabric of the universe.

With some ghosts being the souls of the deceased, some being from other dimensions, and others taking on the personified form of events/emotions/ideas/etc., they don’t all play by the same rules. Slimer is a ghost but is fully capable of eating anything and everything, kept on Earth by his worldly need to feed. But when it comes to Melody, she’s here because she has unfinished business and a small, physically tangible matchbook related to the fire that took her and her family’s lives.

Phoebe’s encounter with Melody changes her feelings about ghosts in multiple ways. First, when Melody discusses how difficult it is to remain on Earth while the rest of her family has already crossed over, it sparks a bit of an ethical crisis for Phoebe. Is it a good thing for her family and the rest of the Ghostbusters to be capturing and containing these spirits? Or should they be approaching things from a more rehabilitative angle? Not to mention, Melody’s connection to the matchbook ultimately serves as the key to how she eventually crosses over, using the flame of the match to assist the Firemaster in his battle against the evil Garraka, who intends on freezing over all of humanity.

But Melody also serves as Phoebe’s first real crush, and she goes to extreme lengths in an attempt to connect with her on her own plane as a ghost.

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