Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Ending Explained: The Great, Beyond – SlashFilm


Unfortunately, the brunt of responsibility for the library incident falls on poor Phoebe’s shoulders, as she’s berated by Peck (who gleefully informs the Ghostbusters that the city will be shutting them down and condemning the firehouse, effective immediately) and then arrested upon speaking her mind to his face. An exhausted and worried Callie and Gary reprimand Phoebe, a conversation that hurts the good-natured Gary (who wants to be both her parental figure and her friend) as much as it does her.

Emotionally wounded and adrift, Phoebe encounters Melody again, and the ghost girl persuades her to take her to see the Research Center, especially given Phoebe’s admission that the separator could be used to allow her and Melody to briefly exist on the same plane of existence. The lonely, yearning Phoebe indeed uses the separator to remove her spirit from her body, setting a timer for two minutes so that her physical body doesn’t perish in the interim. Unfortunately, this was all part of Garakka’s plan; as Melody explains, Garakka can control ghosts but not humans, and it needs a human voice to recite the spell that will free him from the orb. While Melody is no fan of Garakka or his intent, she believes that once the evil god opens up the rift between dimensions in order to gather his army of ghosts, she’ll be able to cross over to the other side where her family waits for her.

After a briefly possessed Phoebe is made to recite the spell, Garakka’s orb shatters, freeing the evil ghost, and not even a vigilant Lucky can stop him, discovering that the proton packs have no effect on him at all. While Garakka turns NYC into a hellish, ghost-filled ice age, he searches for any Firemaster looking to challenge him, eventually ending up at Nadeem’s apartment, where his horns are being kept in a secret room Nadeem only recently discovered.

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