Gen V Will Not Recast Chance Perdomo’s Role Following Actor’s Tragic Death – SlashFilm


Handling the death of an actor, particularly one who played a central role in a TV show, is never easy, but ultimately the choice comes down to rewriting, recasting, or canceling the show altogether. Starz’s historical action series “Spartacus” opted to recast its titular role when original “Spartacus” actor Andy Whitfield suffered a relapse of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, with Liam McIntyre stepping into the character’s sandals. In that case, however, Whitfield was able to give his blessing to the recasting before he passed away later that same year. 

Other shows currently facing the same difficult task as “Gen V” include the Disney+ series “Star Wars: Ahsoka” and HBO’s critically-acclaimed drama “Euphoria.” Ray Stevenson, who played one of the main antagonists in “Ahsoka,” died just a few months before season 1 premiered. (Lucasfilm has yet to confirm whether his role will be recast.) “Euphoria” has been in limbo since season 2 concluded in February 2022, due to multiple factors delaying season 3. If and when the show finally returns, it will have to find a way to sensitively handle the death of 25-year-old actor Angus Cloud, whose character Fezco was particularly beloved by fans. 

The decision to provide a graceful exit for Perdomo’s character in “Gen V” season 2 seems like the best choice in a terrible situation. Several cast members from the series are set to appear in “The Boys” season 4, which premieres on June 13, but Andre wasn’t among the characters who appeared in the recent trailer. Since there’s no mention of “The Boys” in the producers’ statement, the season 4 storyline was presumably not impacted.

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