The Pasta Queen Takes Culinary World By Storm: Who Is She?


The Pasta Queen, whose real name is Nadia Caterina Munno, has taken social media by storm. She shared her recipes during the pandemic and has gained millions of followers ever since. She has also become a New York Times and international bestselling author and launched her own jarred pasta sauce line.

Munno, who is originally from Rome, brings her family’s culinary roots, which date all the way back to the late 1700s, to the table as she shares authentic Italian recipes.

Mastering pasta-making at the age of five, The Pasta Queen had a passion for cooking and she has since made an entire living out of it.

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Who Is The Pasta Queen?

The Pasta Queen came to be after her daughter introduced her to TikTok during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Ever since, she has shared family recipes, ranging from quick and easy weeknight dinners to over-the-top culinary dishes that are guaranteed to impress any dinner guests.

“My general content is for the people, for the working mothers, for the busy business people that have 1000 things going on,” the mother of four told Tampa Magazine.

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The Pasta Queen’s Pasta Commandments

Munno has eight pasta commandments that will help any ordinary cook transform into a culinary chef:

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  1. Don’t Salt Pasta after It’s Cooked: Salt your pasta water as it comes to a boil, just before adding the pasta.
  2. Never, Never, Overcook Your Pasta: It’s a disgrace to the Italian people.
  3. Don’t Add Olive Oil to Boiling Pasta Water: Simply a waste of olive oil.
  4. Finish Cooking the Pasta in the Sauce: This releases the starches into the sauce, which makes the sauce bind to the pasta and also makes it easier to mix.
  5. Don’t Put Ketchup on Pasta: Enough said.
  6. Don’t Toss Away the Starchy Pasta Water: Known as “The Tears of the Gods,” this liquid gold helps emulsify the pasta.
  7. Don’t Break the Spaghetti: Crafting this long, delicate shape requires a lot of love and care, so choose your pot wisely.
  8. Don’t Rinse the Pasta: It will get you banned from walking the streets of Italy.

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The Pasta Queen Sauces

Earlier this year, The Pasta Queen announced new jarred sauces would be coming to Walmart across the United States. “Let me tell you how it all began,” she said at the time. “I was born in the eternal city of Rome and since then have been on a mission to create the perfect sauces to pair with any foods.”

“I wasn’t satisfied, I traveled across Italy, tested thousands of the greatest ingredients that the Italians gods ever created, with one question? What makes the world’s best Italian sauce?” she continued. “I went on a journey of discovery, spoke to the pasta gods themselves through summoning the pillars of Italy, the Nonnas.”

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Through years of trial and error, The Pasta Queen finally found the “perfect balance of gorgeous” and jarred “these love potions for the peoples of Earth with the finest Italian ingredients.”

The Lemon Temptress Sauce, the Spicy Vodka Sauce, the Arrabbiata Sauce, the Four Cheese Sauce, and the Marinara Sauce are the first five sauces to hit stores nationwide. “Real ingredients! Real, wholesome Italian cheeses, NO artificial flavoring or colors. Absolutely NO sugar added!!” she announced.

Ferrari-Carano Partners With Nadia Caterina Munno

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery, renowned as a premier Cali-Italian wine brand and top producer of globally celebrated wines, recently announced its inaugural Pinot Grigio from Friuli Grave, Italy, and a new partnership with The Pasta Queen.

“We’re thrilled to partner with The Pasta Queen, Nadia Caterina Munno, in a collaboration that celebrates the Cali-Italian heritage of Ferrari-Carano and the addition of Pinot Grigio from Italy to our popular, award-winning wines from Sonoma County, California,” Jason Daniel, Chief Marketing Officer of Foley Family Wines said in the official press release.

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New Partnership With Ferrari-Carano Brings Pinot Grigio To The Table

“Teaming up with Ferrari-Carano has been just gorgeous!” Nadia Caterina Munno, The Pasta Queen, said. “Much like crafting the most viral-worthy and authentic pasta dish, creating exceptional wine requires dedication, passion, and attention to detail, all skills the Ferrari-Carano winemakers have truly mastered.”

“This Pinot Grigio is bright, and balanced, and I just know it will bring family and friends together to create special moments,” she continued. “Although I love this wine with many dinners I cook, I would recommend pairing it with dishes such as seafood salad, pasta with cream sauces, chicken piccata, bruschetta with crab cream, or smoked salmon to start!”

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