Frasier’s Foray Into Farce Really Began Thanks To Season 2’s The Matchmaker – SlashFilm


“Frasier” always took chances with comedy and “The Matchmaker” is an excellent early example. As Joe Keenan told Advocate in 2006, prior to his episode being produced, the show hadn’t really ventured into farce territory and it wasn’t something you’d necessarily expect a show like “Frasier” to try. The writer explained:

“I certainly did push the show towards exploring comical, farcical gay themes. I think more than anything, my contribution to that show was to import farce storytelling into it, because they hadn’t done a farce the first season.”

In the episode, Frasier invites Tom Duran (Eric Lutes), the new manager of the KACL radio station, to his home for dinner. But the doctor has an ulterior motive for the invite, as he’s aiming to fix up Tom with his father’s live-in aid Daphne (Jane Leeves). But as it turns out, Tom is gay and sees the whole thing as a date between him and the good doctor. Things obviously unravel as the episode goes on, with Niles finding out what’s going on and delighting in the confusion, eventually telling Frasier the truth, leading to an awkward exchange between the doctor and his boss.

After “The Matchmaker” debuted in ’94, almost every season of “Frasier” had some sort of farce episode included, with Kenan telling the Advocate, “It became part of the repertoire of the show that they would on occasion play with farce.” Not only that, but these episodes are actually considered some of the best in the series’ run, from “The Two Mrs. Cranes” in season four to “Out With Dad” in season seven.

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