Former Soldier Kindly Myers In Strappy Lingerie Is ‘A Dream Come True’


Model Kindly Myers is ready for Valentine’s Day in her strappy red lingerie!

The Army National Reserve veteran pulled out her tight-fitting outfit to show off her fit figure less than a week before the annual holiday!

Kindly Myers In Strappy Red Lingerie Is Ready For Valentine’s Day!

Only one week before Valentine’s Day, the Playboy cover model put her fit figure on display in a three-piece lingerie set from the Honey Birdette brand. She shared two Polaroids that featured her posing in her outfit, which included a thick red collar that was wrapped around her neck. “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting,” she wrote in the caption.

“I love the red,” one fan commented. “Just wonderful and beautiful,” another follower wrote. “Omg, great body, princess. I love you so much,” a third fan gushed. “You are a dream come true,” another follower agreed. “You are the lady in red,” another fan chimed in. “This is awesome,” another follower shared while several fans called her look “iconic.”

Kindly Proves That She Is More Than Just A Pretty Face!

Kindly is an Army National Reserve veteran who served her country for four years. In a recent Instagram post, she wore a black tank top and camo-print cargo pants as she posed beside a helicopter. She even shared a photo of her straddling a tank. Her long blonde hair was tied back out of her face as she hid her eyes behind aviator sunglasses. “Shooting targets from a helicopter sure is a lot of fun,” she wrote in the caption.

“You’re amazing,” one fan commented. “That would be so deadly,” another follower wrote. “Pretty military doll,” a third fan chimed in. “Do you miss being in the military?” another follower asked. “It was fun but I love my life now,” Kindly replied. “Wow! You look absolutely stunning in that military camouflage. The black bodysuit really accentuates your curves. You’re a true baddie,” another follower shared while other fans thanked her for her service.

Kindly Myers Is ‘Even Prettier Naturally’

Posing in a white sports bra and black long-sleeve top from her home in Nashville, Tennessee, Kindly posed for a few photos without wearing any makeup on. She snapped three selfies in all, letting her long blonde hair spill over her shoulders as she stood at the bottom of her staircase. “Being in the same place you were last year should terrify you,” she wrote in the caption. “Stay focused.”

“Even prettier naturally,” one fan commented. “Literally stopped me in my tracks with your natural beauty,” another follower gushed. “You’re about a five at best,” a third user chimed in. “That’s not bad,” Kindly replied. “She is literally every guy’s dream. She’s easily a ten and it’s not even close. Seriously,” another follower shot back while another fan told Kindly that her response was “pure class.”

Kindly Says Hello To February In Her Pink Crop Top

On the first day of February, Kindly decided to wear pink, even though it wasn’t a Wednesday! Still, she put her stunning abs on display as she pulls down the top of her shorts. She shared a few close-up photos with her followers, including a mirror selfie that gave fans a good look at the little pink pony tattoo inked on her right hip. “Hi, how are you? It’s February!” she wrote in the caption.

“I’m doing great. Thanks for asking. I hope the same for you. Amazing set, BTW,” one fan commented. “I’m good. I’m not going anywhere,” another follower shared. “So perfect and irresistibly beautiful,” a third fan gushed. “You are unbelievably gorgeous. Heart-stopping and absolutely gorgeous,” another follower shared. “I’m better now, gorgeous! And you?” another fan asked but Kindly did not reply.

Interested in more Kindly Myers content? In another recent Instagram post, the former soldier was looking like a “true cover girl” as she posed in black lingerie! Fans can check out that jaw-dropping display by clicking here!

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