Sheesh! FDA Issues Nationwide Recall Of Nearly 300 Canned Coffee Products


Roomies, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued a nationwide recall of nearly 300 canned coffee products.

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More Details On The Food & Drug Administration’s Canned Cofee Recall

On Thursday, June 20, the FDA announced a recall of canned coffee products manufactured by Snapchill LLC. The association’s notice stated that the company initially announced the recall on Monday, June 20.

Furthermore, the FDA notes that the recall was sparked by Snapchill’s current manufacturing process, which “could lead to the growth and production of the deadly toxin, botulinum toxin, in low-acid canned foods.”

The notice asserts that “Botulism, a potentially fatal form of food poisoning,” can lead to “general weakness, dizziness, double-vision and trouble with speaking or swallowing.” Additionally, botulism can reportedly cause “difficulty in breathing, weakness of other muscles,” and even constipation.

Furthermore, the symptoms can begin within six hours to two weeks of consumption of the toxin.

Here’s The Products That Have Potentially Been Impacted

According to the FDA’s report, Snapchill’s canned coffee products were distributed nationwide. They were reportedly sold via coffee roasters, retail stores, and Snapchill’s online store.

Food & Wine reports that the total number of potentially impacted products nears almost 300. A complete list of the potentially impacted canned coffee products and brands can be found here.

Some brands on the list include Bold Bean, Farmhouse, and Red Rooster.

Furthermore, the FDA adds that the potentially impacted products can be identified by the language “Snapchill Coffee” or “Produced and distributed by Snapchill LLC,” found near the nutrition table.

What Should Consumers Do?

According to the FDA, “no illnesses have been reported to-date.” However, the association urges customers with potentially impacted products to “either destroy the products or return the product to Snapchill or the place of purchase for a refund.”

The association asserts that Snapchill will issue a full refund to consumers “with appropriate proof of purchase including a picture of the product(s) before being destroyed.”

Furthermore, customers are urged to contact Snapchill via email at Compliance@snapchill.com. Consumers can call the company between Monday and Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CT, at (920) 632-6018.

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