Fans Worried For Bianca Censori After Her Latest Racy Display In Transaparent Raincoat


Bianca Censori has once again sparked a barrage of concern from fans about her safety after she recently appeared nude under a transparent raincoat alongside her husband, Kanye West.

The couple were pictured walking hand-in-hand as she escorted the rapper to a studio session in Los Angeles on Monday.

However, it is her risqué fashion sense that has left many questioning her mental and emotional state, with some going as far as calling for the authorities to step in.

Bianca Censori Stepped Out In A Sheer Raincoat


The 29-year-old Australian architect grabbed headlines as she recently escorted the “Violent Crimes” rapper for a studio session time in Los Angeles.

In images that went viral online, Censori could be seen wearing nothing under a transparent raincoat and completed the provocative look with knee-high black leather boots. Her curves and assets were left for all to see but for a Branding on the rain poncho, which helped cover her chest area a little.

Her completely nude appearance was hard to censor as she tried futilely to cover her groin with her hands at some point.

On the other hand, West appeared completely covered up to the teeth, wearing an oversized khaki poncho with black rain boots. He layered a black top and joggers under his coat, wore a mask over his face, and had thick leather gloves on his hands.

Fans Raise Concerns About The Model’s Well-Being

Fans took to social media to express their dismay and apprehension, with many pointing out their concerns about her well-being and the influence of her husband.

A worried fan remarked, “Major red flags here. This is all about him trying to control her and move her away from family, friends, and anyone else who could give her some sound advice to drop him while she can.”

Others seemingly noted she needed help, as one wrote, “Bianca flip your hair if you need help,” while another said, “Somebody rescue this lost woman, please! Anybody out there who can help her?”

One fan accused the controversial rapper of “completely manipulating her,” as others questioned why the authorities haven’t stepped in yet for public indecency.

“This is a criminal offense to be almost naked? In the UK, you would be arrested for outraging public decency,” a fan wrote.

Another individual even went on to accuse West of “trafficking” Censori in “broad daylight.”

Kanye West Allegedly Banned Censori From Social Media

Kanye West And 'Wife' Bianca Censori Step Out In Bizarre Outfits For Sunday Service

Fortunately or not, for her, Censori may not be able to see fans’ concerned comments as her husband already banned her from using social media because he wants to “protect” her.

According to the Daily Mail, the “Donda” rapper did it because he wanted to shield her from negative internet comments. Still, her friends are skeptical, describing it as part of his “creepy” plan to further isolate her and continue his “controlling” behavior.

A source told the news outlet that Censori had always had social media and was active on it until she met West, but that has seemingly changed as her husband “doesn’t want her to have it because he thinks that it will hurt her if she had to read the nasty things that people say.”

“He convinced her that, since she is a star now, she has to remain a mystery, and it is creepy to those who know her as it feels like another form of control,” the tipster added.

Bianca Censori’s Friends Will Not Keep Quiet Over It

Kanye West heads to a meeting in Sherman Oaks after church

The Australian beauty’s friends have been raising concerns over West’s behavior, alleging that the rapper is trying to further “isolate” her and continuing his “manipulative” patterns with her. They had previously slammed the rapper for trying to model her into an image of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, with a source saying the former Yeezy architect is “trapped.”

A source told the Daily Mail that West’s “foul” action is “massively concerning to her friends” and that they “find it absolutely disgusting and slightly abusive that he is using her to promote his new music.”

“He is trying to make her into Kim, and it is so concerning. It is alarming that she agreed to do this and, once again, she is not responding to anyone,” the insider added.

West has also reportedly set stringent rules for his wife to live by, and that involves her wearing “what he wants her to wear,” “eating certain food items,” and “working out,” although he doesn’t work out.

“She has no mind of her own anymore and obeys him because he has convinced her that they are royal,” a source said.

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