Erica Mena Blasts Safaree Samuels For Allegedly Neglecting & Not Grooming Their Kids


Chile! Erica Mena hasn’t been holding back on her ex-husband, Safaree Samuels, this week. In her latest slam on Wednesday (July 10), she zoned in on his parenting skills — or alleged lack thereof.

Erica Mena Claims Safaree Goes “Months” Without Seeing Their Kids

The ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ star accused Samuels of hardly seeing their kids despite living “30 minutes away.” And when they are in his care, Erica said he fails to properly groom and dress them. She shared photos of their son Legend’s fuzzy braids and Safire’s messy ponytail to prove her point.

“You already go months at a time in not seeing these babies by choice, you went two months this last go round. You finally pop out at Legend’s bday — empty-handed and NEVER offering to pay half for anything like always. You came for your quick once every few months photo opportunity with them and bounced,” Erica Mena wrote on her Instagram Story.

Mena explained that Safaree spent time with the kids on Saturday (July 7) and that Legend’s braids “clearly…needed to be taken out.” However, the kids’ paternal grandmother and auntie were visiting, and Erica said she assumed they’d take care of her son’s hair. But nobody did, despite the kids allegedly spending time in a chlorinated pool, she wrote.

“Sis @safaree you have no problem making sure you a bad b***h all the time. Why can’t my babies be dressed and groomed properly like you do for you when you have them? A part of being a bad b***h is really taking care of your kids so this is where I draw the line…not grooming and properly dressing your kids every time you have them it’s honestly despicable.”

TV Star Continues To Slam Safaree’s Parenting & Alleged Lack Of Contributions

In an additional post, the mother of two discussed other recent instances of Safaree allegedly lacking in the parenting department. She said he provides nothing for them outside of the monthly child support payments. Additionally, Mena claims Safaree skipped Christmas and his daughter’s birthday this past year.

“…What you could at least do when you do have them is take pride in that and actually put some effort. You got all this money so you tell the world and you got all these diamonds but yet why is it when you have your kids they walking around looking like this? Did grandma and auntie not feel the need to grab a comb for your babies sis??

Another lengthy post accused the father of putting his kids in a summer camp after taking them into his care. Mena said that interrupts their routine. “If you was going to take them to just only put them somewhere random, why not bring them to the school you helped pick out but didn’t pay for??? But really you barely see them as it is and it;s summertime. Why aren’t you indulging in your kids you NEVER really see…,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Samuels hasn’t responded to Erica Mena’s call out. The latest post on his Instagram page is a video of him and Safire pretending to be shocked. Just this week, she also popped off after Samuels spoke on his split with Nicki Minaj having a major impact on his life.

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