Dune’s Denis Villeneuve Used The Film’s Opening Quote To ‘Hijack’ The Franchise – SlashFilm


That Villeneuve specifically chose the Sardaukar is a very interesting choice, because he’s right that they are a dark mirror of the Fremen. You see, one of the things Villeneuve’s “Dune” skipped from the books is the other powers at play in the galactic government. Shaddam Corrino IV may be Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe, but he has rather little power compared to the Landsraad Council of Great Houses, the CHOAM organization that monopolized commerce, or even the Spacing Guild that controlled all transport thanks to their use of spice melange. The emperor may be in charge, but the reason he feared Paul’s father, Leto — so much so that he plotted to annihilate House Atreides — is not simply that Leto could form a political coalition that threatens the throne. No, the reason the emperor fears Leto is that House Atreides is the only power in the universe that can challenge the real source of the emperor’s power: the Sardaukar.

The Sardaukar are feared as the strongest warriors in the entire universe — unkillable monsters that can decimate a planet while barely suffering any casualties. Not only are these death commandoes skilled and sadistic, but they are fanatically loyal to theemperor. Any house that could eventually threaten the Sardaukar is crushed by the emperor’s chosen men. No one knows where the Sardaukar come from or what makes them strong … except for the Atreides.

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