The Look Of Harkonnen People In Dune 2 Was Influenced By A Classic Horror Movie – SlashFilm


We already know that Patrice Vermette took inspiration from a wide array of sources when designing the various elements of the “Dune” films, from sets inspired by Rolex watches to septic-tank-influenced architecture for the Harkonnen structures. But when it came to the Feyd-Rautha introduction, while Greig Fraser was handling the overall visuals, and Vermette had the architecture covered, costume designer Jacqueline West still had to worry about those thousands of Harkonnen onlookers.

In the book “The Art and Soul of Dune: Part Two,” authors Tanya Lapointe and Stefanie Broos recount how the Arena scene was important as it was the first time audiences saw Geidi Prime in the daytime. According to the book, Villeneuve’s overall guidance for these scenes was that “This will be a world in which sunlight kills color.” But West needed more to go on when it came to visualizing the Harkonnen civilians.

According to Lapointe and Broos, when West asked “What do Harkonnen civilians look like?”, Villeneuve firstly described them as “a homogenous group of men and women with similar body types, all wearing the same style of clothing.” But it was his last piece of advice that really gave these faceless crowd members their ominous aura: “Like a crowd of nosferatu,” he added.

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