Let Uber and UberEats Make the Big Game Even Better


Are you ready for some…. delicious food delivered to your doorstep?

It doesn’t matter how you’re spending the 2024 Super Bowl, because however you watch it, the big game is better when you have some tasty takeout to enjoy between the plays. Whether you’re cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers, UberEats can help take your Super Bowl 58 experience to the next level. 

Along with the NFL players, you too can score on Super Bowl Sunday, because right now, eligible ET readers can save $15 on their first UberEats order of $20 or more. By using code EatsET15, new customers can order a pepperoni pizza, a juicy cheeseburger, loaded nachos and anything else their taste buds desire for less. 

Save on UberEats


Save on UberEats

For the month of February, eligible customers can save $15 on their first order of $20 or more with our exclusive code EatsET15

For those watching the game with a few close friends and family or those throwing a huge Taylor Swift-inspired party, UberEats can make your Super Bowl snack dreams come true. You could chow down on Kansas City-style BBQ while watching Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes on the field. You and your guests could be screaming “Yeah” about those spicy chicken wings you ordered on UberEats before Usher takes center stage for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Plus, you don’t want to be left hungry while those Super Bowl commercials showcase mouthwatering food and drinks. 

Because our exclusive code EatsET15 is valid through the entire month of February, you’ll have plenty of chances to use it. Consider ordering in a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner to skip the crowds. February 24 is National Tortilla Chip Day, which marks the perfect time to order some chips and guac from your favorite local Mexican restaurant. The possibilities are delicious, especially when you use our exclusive code.

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