Donald Trump’s Private Jet Reportedly Under Investigation


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating a wing-clip incident that occurred on Sunday, May 12, with Donald Trump‘s private jet. 

Although it is unclear if he was aboard the aircraft at the time, a Boeing 757 belonging to the former president was reported to have been involved in the incident. Thankfully, no injuries were reported in the collision.

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The FAA Wants To Know What Happened With Donald Trump’s Private Jet


Boeing 757 bearing the prominent “Trump” insignia touched down at West Palm Beach International Airport early Sunday morning. 

According to the FAA, the incident occurred as the aircraft was taxiing on the tarmac. Its winglet made contact with a stationary and unoccupied corporate jet.

Pictures acquired by TMZ showed Trump’s plane parked at the airport with one wing missing its winglet, which is used to reduce aerodynamic drag. Other images featured a significant gash in the elevator of the Vistajet’s tail.

While the FAA did not explicitly name the former US president’s plane, it provided media outlets with the tail number, N757AF, registered to DJT Operations I LLC, one of his businesses.

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The incident follows Trump’s campaign rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, on Saturday. Thankfully, no injuries were reported in the collision.

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What Is Inside Trump’s Stunning Private Jet?

Donald Trump arrives back to Palm Beach on his private jet after his arraignment hearing in New York earlier today

The Republican presidential nominee was most recently seen getting off the private jet at New York’s LaGuardia Airport in April ahead of his hush-money trial that same month.

Around that time Business Insider Africa reported that Trump bought the jet for a whopping $100 million in 2011. He has since lavishly outfitted it with luxury features, including gold-plated seatbelts, a private bedroom, and a master bathroom.

Upon entering from the back of the jet, visitors will encounter the galley which forms a compact kitchen thanks to being outfitted with glassware, a sink, and coffee makers. Additionally, the headrests and pillows have been adorned with the Trump family crest.

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Continuing through the jet, passengers will discover the main lounge, complete with seating arrangements, a couch, and the SkyTheater equipped with a 57″ television set. 

It also has a sound system designed to emulate a “Hollywood screening room,” as described by Amanda Miller, the Trump Organization’s SVP of marketing & corporate communications.

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The 77-Year-Old’s Wife Slammed Him For This Challenge

Republicans Furious Over Donald Trump's Son Barron Being Labeled 'Fair Game' After Turning 18

Just days ago, Trump made headlines when he told a story about a past event at his recently held rally in New Jersey. 

Per The Blast, the media personality recalled criticizing media distortion regarding his comments on President Joe Biden’s speaking abilities, which he thought would earn him praise from his wife, Melania, afterward. 

Unfortunately, all he got was a blunt remark about his stage exit difficulty. Reflecting on the moment, he stated:

“I called my wife (Melania Trump), the great first lady…I called our first lady – I said, ‘First Lady, how great a speech was that? ‘She said, ‘You were OK. I said, ‘What’s wrong? ‘. She said, ‘Well, you couldn’t find your way off stage.‘”

Trump Doubled Down In His Fight Against Joe Biden

Biden Administration Takes 'Major Step' To Help Americans From 'Getting Ripped Off'

During the same rally, Trump delved into his familiar notion that the current administration is leading the country into decline. 

“We have enemies on the outside, and we have enemies from within. The enemies from within are more dangerous to me than the enemies on the outside,” he began.

The Queens native added, “Russia and China we can handle, but these lunatics within our government that are gonna destroy our country, and probably want to, we have to get it stopped.” Further asserting that Biden is “surrounded by fascists,” Trump alleged:

“I talk about him differently now because now the gloves are off. He’s a bad guy, should’ve never done that because it’s so bad for our country.”

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Donald Trump Forgot His Son’s Age By A Year

Donald Trump Scrambling For Cash To Make $464M Bond In NY Civil Case

Trump became a victim of his attacks against Biden’s mental sharpness when he had a memory lapse of his own earlier this month. 

As it turned out, the University of Pennsylvania graduate stumbled over his son, Barron’s age while discussing the teenager’s selection as a Florida delegate for the Republican National Convention.

Singing the praises of the 18-year-old, Trump gushed, “Well, to me, that’s very cute because it’s a very young guy, and he’s graduating from high school this year. He’s a very good student, very smart.” He continued:

“And I think that’s great. I think it’s very interesting too. But he’s pretty young. I will say. He’s 17, but if they can do that, I’m all for it. I think I’m all for it. And he probably would be, knowing him. He would probably be for it, too.”

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