Donald Trump Makes Desperate Plea To MAGA Fans To Assist With $464M Fraud Bond As Deadline Approaches


Former President Donald Trump is seeking the help of MAGA supporters to post the bond from his New York fraud civil suit. In a message via his joint fundraising committee, the former president asked for donations of $20 and above.

Trump also said that he was the victim of a “witch hunt” and that the New York Attorney General was after his properties.

Donald Trump Warns: ‘Keep Your Filthy Hands Off Of Trump Tower’


According to the New York Post, Trump has made a desperate plea to his supporters to help him post the $464 million bond following the conclusion of his New York fraud civil suit.

The former president’s plea, delivered through his joint fundraising committee, urged backers to donate $20.24 to $3,300 or beyond as the deadline date to pay up approaches.

In the message, Trump also stated that New York Attorney General Leticia James was after his properties, with particular interest in the Trump Tower.

Showing his dissatisfaction about the possibility of his property being seized, Trump vehemently declared in the piece, “KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF OF TRUMP TOWER!”

He alleged that his legal troubles were a “witch hunt” backed by President Joe Biden, though Biden has previously denied involvement in Trump’s legal matters.

“So before the day is over, I’m calling on ONE MILLION Pro-Trump patriots to chip in and say: STOP THE WITCH HUNT AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP!” the message also read.

New York Attorney General Could ‘Sieze’ The Ex-President’s Assets

Donald Trump Scrambling For Cash To Make $464M Bond In NY Civil Case

If Trump cannot meet the deadline to post the bond, James will have the leeway to go about seizing his property.

The New York Attorney General previously stated that she was prepared to use this measure in an interview with ABC News.

“If he does not have funds to pay off the judgment, then we will seek judgment enforcement mechanisms in court, and we will ask the judge to seize his assets,” James said at the time.

She also indicated that she was keen on Trump’s Tower, located at 40 Wall St. highrise or any of his high-profile city properties if

She added, “We are prepared to make sure that the judgment is paid to New Yorkers, and yes, I look at 40 Wall Street each and every day.”

Donald Trump Has Failed To Secure The Bond From Surety Firms

Donald Trump Scrambling For Cash To Make $464M Bond In NY Civil Case

According to reports, Trump has already tried to secure the bond from over 30 firms, but each one has turned him down.

His lawyers subsequently filed a motion to an appeals court to aid the ex-president, citing that he faces “insurmountable difficulties,”

They told the court that the companies Trump approached demanded collateral worth roughly 120% of the judgment amount, totaling $557 million in this case, which they felt was counterproductive.

The attorneys also claimed that Trump would need to pay a 2% annual fee to secure a bond and that it would require an upfront payment of two years worth $18 million. This amount won’t be refunded even if Trump wins his appeal.

The Billionaire Might Be Forced To Sell Off His Properties

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Experts have claimed that Trump might have no choice but to sell off his properties if the appeals court does not intervene in the matter.

“(He is) going to have to start selling off his properties himself to get the rest of the money to pay the bond,” New York real estate lawyer Melissa Levin told the New York Post.

“If he doesn’t do that, there would be nothing stopping Letitia James and New York state from asking the court to seize certain assets to pay off the judgment amount that way,” she added.

Another New York lawyer, Imran Ansari, backed Levin’s claim, saying that the “AG would be able to levy on any assets of Trump and the Trump Organization, both “within the state and outside the state.”

He continued, “The AG can assert a lien against real property, and may file or request a property execution requesting that Trump property be seized and sold with the proceeds being used to pay off the judgment.”

MAGA Supporters Are Assisting Donald Trump Through A GoFundMe

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Amid his struggles, a MAGA fan set up a GoFundMe for the billionaire to help pay off his hefty fine from the New York Fraud trial.

As we previously reported, the Trump GoFundMe started off strong and made over a million dollars within a week of its creation; however, it stalled at $1.3 million after one month.

Now, in a surprising turn of events, the fundraiser has been revived. It received over $200,000 in donations in the last three days, putting its current total at $1.6 million.

Unfortunately, at this pace, MAGA fans still have a long way to go before reaching the $355 million goal.

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