Disney On Ice Performer Left In Critical Condition After Stunt Gone Wrong


A performer was left in critical condition after a stunt went wrong during a recent Disney On Ice performance.

Disney on Ice is a touring ice show produced by Feld Entertainment under an agreement with the Walt Disney Company. The fronts feature Disney characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, and others as they tell the stories of certainly animated movies.

During one of the recent shows, the actress who portrayed Belle, the Disney princess from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ took a fall and was taken to a local hospital.

Disney On Ice Performer Rushed To Hospital Following Accident

According to a local news outlet, officials at Hennepin County Medical Center said the performer was at the hospital in critical, but stable condition as of Sunday morning.

Disney On Ice released a statement, saying it “appreciates the well wishes from our fans as our team member recovers.”

A local mom who was at the show also spoke on the accident, telling the news outlet that the incident happened 40 minutes into the show.

“They were doing a lift, it appeared shaky and she fell,” she said, adding, “I am beyond grateful and thankful for the remaining staff and the performers who kept going because that preserves the magic for the kids. I know that has to have been very difficult.”

A video of the incident was shared on X, but The Blast chose not to embed it due to the privacy of the performer.

“The beast stumbled into the side during a lift and dropped Belle on the ice,” the user who obtained the video shared. “She immediately started seizing and was carried out on a stretcher.”

Fans immediately sent their well wishes to the actress, as one X user said, “I hope she’ll be OK. My daughter skated for half of her life and it is a dangerous sport, people do not realize how dangerous. My daughter has permanent injuries and she was a top athlete.”

Another wrote, “So sad. Hope she will recover fully.”

There have not been many other details released at this time.

Disney Performance Falls During Performance

This is not the first time an accident occurred on the ice as last year, The Blast reported on an incident that occurred between the actresses portraying Mirabel and Isabella from ‘Encanto.’

The two women who were playing Mirabel and Isabella hooked up to a safety device before holding hands and skating around. During this performance, Isabella tripped up with her skate as she took a spill mid-song. Luckily, Mirabel was there to help assist her back to her feet.

For those who have never attended a Disney On Ice performance, the website describes the experience as, “Celebrate the love of family in the new show everyone will be talking about! Experience Disney’s ‘Encanto’ brought to life like never before. Sing and dance with Mirabel, her sisters, Isabela and Luisa, and more!”

The official website adds, “Join the race to find Elsa and stop the eternal winter, dream about summer with Olaf, and sing along with Kristoff and Sven.”

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