WATCH: Diddy Shares A TD Jakes Sermon About Remaining “Steady In The Storm”


This past weekend, Diddy took to social media to share a video featuring TD Jakes preaching that one should remain “steady in the storm.”

Puff—born Sean Combs — used images of himself in a spiritual and stormy beach setting to convey a message of strength amid numerous sexual assault allegations.

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Diddy’s Spiritual Post

Diddy placed audio of TD Jakes stating, “Not hysterical. Not anxious. Not fretful…but steady in the storm.”

The video clip begins in first-person point of view, moving down a hallway. It then transitions into images of Diddy hugging a woman and praying with a group of people.

Additionally, there was a clip of the Bad Boy CEO standing on the beach looking into the ocean. The following clip showed him with his arms outstretched as the wind intensified. Tall palm trees being battered by the wind were also edited within the video.

See the post below. 

Sexual Assault Allegations Against Sean

Though he wasn’t specific about his “storm,” his public image has taken a hit since November. He has been hit with back-to-back sexual assault lawsuits since November after his ex-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, sued him for human trafficking, sexual assault, and abuse.

The singer stated that during their relationship that lasted a decade, the music mogul beat her and forced her to perform sex acts with male sex workers. Additionally, these incidents allegedly occurred over state lines and were recorded.

Cassie and Diddy privately settled, but since then, multiple people have come forward with similar allegations.

This year, Diddy’s former employee, Lil Rod, filed a lawsuit stating he was forced to perform sexual acts against his will under Sean’s direction. His lawsuit says he was harassed and sexually assaulted during his one-year employment.

To note, TD Jakes was also affiliated with Diddy and his alleged sex parties last year, per Austin American-Statesmen.

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