Deadpool Stories Too Messed Up For The MCU: A Vampire Cow, Killing Moby Dick & More – SlashFilm


Don’t adjust your eyes; you read that right. In the comics, Deadpool literally falls for Death, a dark, hooded skeleton, after a series of near-death experiences. Oddly, she shares his infatuation, but the two can never be together because, well, Wade cannot die. So their encounters are brief and littered with sorrow.

Surprisingly, this storyline might have played well in the MCU if the franchise had stuck with its original interpretation of Thanos. At the end of 2012’s “The Avengers,” the big guy appears in one of the better post-credit teasers, during which one of his minions explains how challenging the “unruly” humans is “to court Death.” In the comics, Thanos also fell for Death — she’s the reason he becomes a murderous titan — resulting in an awkward and complicated love triangle with Deadpool. No matter how hard he tries, Thanos never fully woes Mistress Death and eventually realizes she cares for Wade. In an act of jealous rage, Thanos curses Deadpool with immortality, preventing him from visiting his one true love.

Of course, the MCU didn’t follow this route, instead turning Thanos’ mission into an egotistical quest to bring peace and order throughout the galaxy. However, with Deadpool taking the mantle of “Marvel Jesus” in “Deadpool & Wolverine,” there’s a chance Thanos could return with Death in tow. However, this storyline might be too absurd for audiences to handle.

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