The Twisting Timeline Of David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive Explained – SlashFilm


Diane, bitter and angry, arranges for Camilla’s car to crash, hoping to kill her. Camilla survives. 

The film then spins a wheel of identity, and the names become jumbled between the characters. In Diane’s dream, Camilla becomes an amnesiac Diane (who initially named herself after Rita Hayworth). Diane becomes Betty, a new, innocent version of herself. The mysterious blonde is now named Camilla. The glorious illusions of Hollywood can protect them. It’s all fake — just like Hollywood — but it’s all beautiful — just like Hollywood. The most telling scene in “Mulholland Drive” is when Betty and “Diane” go to a theater downtown and witness a beautiful musical act wherein all the sound is pre-recorded. It’s all deeply moving and it’s all artificial.

As the dream progresses, however “Betty” begins to see cracks in her somnambulist fantasies. The name Betty shows up on the nametag of a random waitress. The two women break into an apartment, hoping to discover “Diane’s” true identity, and find a dead body lying in bed. Naturally, that dead body is the real Diane, dreaming of her corpse. The film then progresses back to the “reality” sequence wherein Diane is herself, recalling the pain that led to her dream. 

The last word of dialogue is “Silencio,” whispered in the above theater. One might think that word was the final breath leaving Diane’s body. The movie is about a despondent woman coming to L.A. to act, falling in with a vindictive girlfriend, having her heart broken, arranging her death, and then going to bed once the deed is done. She then dreamed of an ideal life. The dream, however, became a nightmare, and she died in her sleep, perhaps by her own hand.

It’s as good an interpretation as any.

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