Dakota Fanning Reveals Why She Has 19 Pairs of Shoes From Tom Cruise


For many, it’s a dream to get shoes for your birthday every year. Now imagine getting them sent to you from Tom Cruise!

During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Dakota Fanning revealed that has been her reality since she was 12 years old. The longtime actress, who started out in Hollywood as a child star, famously co-starred with Cruise as his character’s daughter in the 2005 blockbuster hit, War of the Worlds

“He always sends me the same thing every year,” she said. “…I loved shoes when I was little and, like, I started to be able to fit into really small adult shoes when I was on the War of the Worlds press tour, so I was very excited about them. And so, from that birthday on, he always sends me shoes.” 

The tradition did not start out with shoes, however. Fanning previously told ET the world-famous actor got her first cell phone for her when she turned 11 years old while working on the movie. “That was my first gift from him and he’s remembered it every year since then,” she said. 

Dakota Fanning and Tom Cruise pose together at the New York City premiere of War of the Worlds in 2005.Brian ZAK/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

But it wasn’t just any cellphone. As she recalled to Clarkson, it was a Motorola Razr, a popular phone of the time. “I didn’t have anyone to call, but… I wanted a Razr so bad and I must have been talking about it a lot because that’s what he got me,” she said. “It was such a great memory.”

Cruise has remained committed to the tradition to this day with The Watchers actress most recently celebrating her milestone 30th birthday in February. 

“He said a few years ago that he likes sort of that moment of checking in like once a year,” Fanning told ET. “It’s just like so thoughtful.”

As for this chapter of her life, “It’s so great so far,” she told ET. “…It’s been one of the, like, happiest times. I have, you know, things that I’m excited about coming out and working on things, and I just feel really good.”



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