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But there may be one big thing that could hold this adaptation back from being a classic in its own right. One of the biggest criticisms of movies like “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” and “Fast X” last year was that their cliffhanger endings made those films feel like incomplete stories. In 2022, Universal announced it would be splitting “Wicked” into a two-part event, and that’s certainly a risky approach to telling this tale. The studio seems to be banking on there being enough goodwill built up for “Wicked” that audiences won’t respond to this split quite as negatively as those other examples. If Chu decides to split this film at the same point where the stage musical was split, with the most epic and memorable song, “Defying Gravity,” ending the first movie, at least he’ll be able to send audiences out on a high note and potentially minimize some of the grumbling that might happen when people realize they’ll have to pay to see the conclusion of this story later.

While Universal was initially eying a Christmas release for this movie, part one of “Wicked” has since been moved up closer to Thanksgiving: The film is currently slated to fly into theaters on November 27, 2024.

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