DC’s Supergirl Movie Has Found Its Director, And It’s An Unexpected Choice – SlashFilm


Pinch yourselves, DC fans, because this new approach to the DC pantheon is officially rounding into shape. With “Superman” looking increasingly promising with James Gunn firmly in charge and actor David Corenswet tapped to rock the famous S-curl and cape, all eyes are now looking ahead to “Supergirl.” Of course, many will (rightfully) point out that such a major DC heroine probably should’ve had a woman in the director’s chair, but Craig Gillespie at least has a solid track record handling female-fronted projects with an appropriate amount of sensitivity, between “Cruella,” “I, Tonya,” and even his television work on shows like “Physical” and “Pam & Tommy.”

It should be noted that “Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow” is written by Ana Nogueira and based on the acclaimed comic book series of the same name, written by Tom King and illustrated by artist Bilquis Evely. Though audiences most recently saw Supergirl depicted by Sasha Calle in “The Flash,” Gunn has previously promised a very different version of the character that will provide quite the juxtaposition with her more famous cousin. (As it turns out, having to witness the destruction of her Kryptonian home world while baby Superman schlepped his way to a cushy new life on Earth will leave some scars on a person.)

While the news has yet to be confirmed by Warner Bros. directly, it’s likely that the very online Gunn will weigh in soon enough. Stay tuned!

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