‘Texas Thighs’ Courtney Ann Lifts Up Her Shirt To Reveal Nothing Underneath


Model Courtney Ann is leaving very little to the imagination yet again!

The popular OnlyFans model has been trying to keep warm in Texas, but it looks like she might be about to cause a heat wave when she pulled up her sweater to reveal that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it!

Courtney Ann Lifts Up Her Shirt To Reveal Nothing Underneath

At the beginning of February, Courtney hitched up the end of her tan sweater to reveal that she was not wearing anything underneath it. She paired the baggy beige sweater with ripped jeans and let her long blonde hair fall loosely around her face. Fans who swipe through the carousel are treated to Courtney sharing different poses in her long-sleeve shirt, which falls just above her waist.

“Smiling ’cause it’s Friday. Swipe to see the pic it took when my phone was sliding down,” she wrote in the caption. “You’re so perfect, my girl,” one fan commented. “That’s a beautiful smile on you,” another follower wrote. “Good morning! Send some sunshine!” a third fan exclaimed. “Courtney Ann, you’re so sexy and beautiful,” another follower gushed while another fan told her that she is “looking really gorgeous in those jeans.”

Update: The video was later removed from Instagram. Fortunately, the photos can still be seen above!

Courtney Ann Snaps A Selfie In Her Booty Shorts

On the last day of January, Courtney snapped two selfies that featured her standing in her living room wearing a white tee shirt and blue booty shorts. She stood barefoot on the wooden floor with her blonde hair tied back into a bun. She held her pink phone case up in front of her face as she snapped a few photos, showing off her signature “Texas Thighs.”

“Up close or full view?” she asked in the caption. “Both needed and appreciated!” one fan exclaimed. “Up close every time,” another follower wrote. “Good lawd, I love those legs,” a third fan gushed. “A glimpse of sheer elegance!” another follower exclaimed. “Chic and fabulous, always!” another follower agreed. “You are a very sexy woman. Thank you for what you do,” another fan gushed.

Courtney Is Going Shopping In Her Plunging Tank Top

It looks like Courtney hit the grocery store to pick up some groceries! She shared a video that featured her walking down the aisle in a brown tank top with a plunging neckline, along with high-waisted denim jeans and black winter boots. It is pretty cold in Texas right now, but the social media sensation seemed to have ditched her jacket as she walked down the cereal aisle, reaching up on her tiptoes to grab a box of Kashi Go off the top shelf.

“Need anything from the store?” she asked in the caption. “Yes, you,” one fan commented. “I didn’t think it was possible to select milk from the cereal aisle,” another follower joked. “Sweet cheek there, beautiful,” a third fan gushed. “I love that (peach emoji),” another follower shared. “Wow, the best buns. I love it,” another fan chimed in. “Wow, you are so hot,” another follower gushed while another fan called her “very gorgeous.”

Courtney Ann Advertises An ‘Empowering Valentine’s Gift Experience’

For Valentine’s Day, Courtney gave fans a giveaway for an empowerment mini-session. Although she already has announced the winter, she called it a “transformative experience” and gave fans a few more details in the caption of a photo shoot that featured her posing in white lingerie ahead of Valentine’s Day.

“What is an empowerment mini-session? It’s a confidence-boosting photoshoot capturing your authentic essence. You get to choose between two amazing spaces, each offering a unique backdrop to reflect your vision,” she wrote in the caption. She also gave fans a link to view the entire session on YouTube, as well as details regarding a discount during the “month of love.”

Interested in more Courtney Ann content? In another recent Instagram post, the popular OnlyFans model showed off her “Texas Thighs” in floral lingerie! Fans can check out those steamy snaps by clicking here!

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