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In the order of their release (the “correct” order, if you will), here are all the films, shorts, and TV shows in the “Ring” franchise (all of which are Japanese unless otherwise marked): 

  • “Ring: Kanzenban” (1995) — TV movie
  • “Ring” (1998) — feature
  • “Rasen” a.k.a. “Spiral” (1998) — feature
  • “Ring: The Final Chapter” (1999) – -TV series
  • “Ring 2” (1999) — feature
  • “The Ring Virus” (1999) — feature, Korean
  • “Rasen” a.k.a. “Spiral” (1999) — TV series
  • “Ring 0: Birthday” (2000) — feature
  • “The Ring” (2002) — feature, American
  • “Rings” (2005) — short, American
  • “The Ring Two” (2005) — feature, American
  • “Sadako 3D” (2012) — feature
  • “Sadako 3D 2” (2015) — feature
  • “Sadako vs. Kayako” (2016) — feature
  • “Rings” (2017) — feature, American
  • “Sadako” (2019) — feature
  • “Sadako DX” (2022) — feature

The above list does not contain the eight manga books based on “Ring,” nor does it include the video games “The Ring: Terror’s Realm” and “The Ring: Infinity,” both released in 2000.

The 2016 film “Sadako vs. Kayako” is a crossover with the “Ju-on” film series, another haunting story that rose to prominence at the same time as “Ring.” Like “The Ring,” “Ju-on,” aka “The Grudge,” has spawned a massive media franchise unto itself. The “Ju-on” series sports six novels, 12 movies, two shorts, a TV series, and a video game. It was appropriate that Sadako and Kayako should meet and do a psychic battle; it’s a match-up to rival Freddy and Jason. If one wants to be truly exhaustive about it, a complete list of all the “Ring” and “Grudge” media will be included below.

“The Ring Virus” is a Korean remake of the 1998 original wherein Samara was renamed Eun-Suh.

In the Japanese books and Korean remake, Sadako is intersex. In the Japanese and American films, she is female.

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