Cool Stuff: Finally, M3GAN Can Be Your Actual Bestie With NECA’s Life-Sized Replica – SlashFilm


The M3GAN doll is a bit uncanny, but I can’t get over the fact she’s over 4 feet tall. Do I want one? Yes. Will I sleep with one eye open for the rest of my life if she’s in my house? Also yes. Luckily, I’m still one of those primitive screwheads who doesn’t have an Amazon Alexa, Echo Dot, or Google Assistant, so if I did theoretically fork over the green for my own M3GAN, I wouldn’t have to worry about the AI takeover, which “M3GAN” director Gerard Johnstone and I talked about during our exclusive interview last year.

Per NECA’s website, the replica doll is fully posable and approximately 55 inches tall, or roughly 4’7″. That’s only 8 inches shorter than I am, so this doll could fully kick my ass if it became sentient. The doll is a 1:1 replica based on her on-screen appearance and is duplicated using the film-used digital files. This makes her the most screen-accurate representation possible, which certainly won’t haunt any of our nightmares. She has an articulated inner-armiture, her eyes can move, and she has synthetic hair matched to sampled of the screen-used M3GAN doll. Her outfit is based on the film-used patterns and the fabric was pulled from the actual costume swatches, and she has customized shoes using details from the ones M3GAN wore while aerial flipping her way into a blood bath.

The bad news? NECA’s M3GAN doll will cost you a whopping $495. It’s available for pre-order now at NECA’s online store.

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