Andreea Dragoi Heats Up Miami Swim Week In A Tiny Bikini


Beyond her achievements in the pool, NCAA swimmer Andreea Dragoi has established herself as a notable figure beyond the lanes. With a robust presence on social media, she has garnered widespread recognition, making her one of the most popular swimmers in the country.

Boasting nearly 100,000 followers across various platforms, the San Jose State athlete has not only made waves with her athletic prowess but has also participated in numerous swim fashion events, further solidifying her status as a multifaceted influencer in the world of swimming and beyond.

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Andreea Dragoi Steals The Spotlight At Miami Swim Week

Expressing her excitement and aspirations, Dragoi recently shared her desire to collaborate with a particular designer ahead of Miami Swim Week.

In an Instagram post, the 21-year-old tagged @meganmaemiami and @meganmaestevens, expressing her eagerness to walk for them this season at @miamiswimweekshows, accompanied by hashtags like #miamiswimweek, #mmmbabes, #swimweek, and #model.

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Making Hearts Flutter On The Runway In A Tiny Bikini

While her participation with that specific designer may not have materialized, Dragoi is actively involved in Swim Week. She recently delighted her followers by posting two videos of her runway walk at the event over the weekend.

Accompanying the post was a caption that simply conveyed her emotions: “All the feels.”

Adding a touch of self-assurance and empowerment to her post, Dragoi exclaimed, “Goddess energy.”

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Compliments Pour In

Dragoi’s fans were captivated by her mesmerizing presence on the Swim Week runway. They were utterly enamored by her striking beauty, confident demeanor, and impeccable style as she gracefully showcased the latest swimwear designs. With each step she took, she radiated elegance and allure, leaving her admirers in awe of her undeniable charm.

Dragoi’s fans eagerly expressed their admiration, flooding her social media with compliments and adoration for her captivating performance on the runway.

“You are so so gorgeous Andreea,” one fan gushed.

“Like a Golden Goddess in real life,” added another admirer.

“Jaw on the floor,” exclaimed a third, capturing the awe inspired by Dragoi’s presence on the runway.

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Embracing the glamorous atmosphere of Miami, Dragoi seems to be reveling in the joys of life to the fullest, making the most of her time in the vibrant city.

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From The Pool To The Catwalk

In a captivating display of style and confidence, Dragoi mesmerized her audience as she showcased two stunning looks on the runway. Strutting her stuff in a crocheted bikini, she exuded allure and sophistication, leaving her fans in awe of her beauty and poise. Transitioning seamlessly into a gold one-piece swimsuit, she continued to command attention with her radiant presence and impeccable grace.

While her modeling exploits in Miami are certainly noteworthy, this isn’t Dragoi’s first foray into the world of swimwear fashion. Just last July, she made waves at New York Swim Week, modeling for multiple esteemed brands and solidifying her reputation as a sought-after runway sensation.

An Internet Sensation

Beyond her modeling career, Dragoi is also a dedicated college swimmer, balancing her athletic pursuits with her flourishing influence as a model and social media personality.

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