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The fact that Emily is the focal point of “Coherence” becomes clear on a second viewing, where every event is meant to be filtered through the context of her arc. Byrkit explained that an initial version of the ending saw Emily Prime and Kevin (who is not Kevin Prime) end up together and get a chance at happiness. In the end, though, he felt that Emily’s vicious actions towards her double didn’t justify such an idealistic conclusion:

“We always knew it was Emily’s story, and that we wanted to have an emerging hero story. (…) And so we always knew Emily had to go through something extraordinary, and make some big choices. And there was one version that we thought she and Kevin were going to end up with each other — she was going to end up with the wrong person, and they had to make a choice to be happy about it, and kind of look at each other go, ‘That’s…okay?’ But then this other version just seemed much more honest. If you’re going to behave that way and make those very violent choices, it’s not going to wrap up nicely for you.”

The Emily double who returns offscreen to re-stake her claim on her reality has every right to do so, and Emily Prime’s violence towards her underlines her desperation to belong, no matter the cost.  Although the double might have overlapping experiences with Emily Prime, they are distinctly different, both in their identity and their relationship with Kevin in the reality untouched by the comet. To willingly stifle a version of yourself and take their place in a reality you do not belong to is bound to have repercussions. The comet that seemed like a blessing becomes a curse for those unable to reconcile with their own demons.

A “Coherence” sequel is currently in the works.

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