Civil War Becomes A24’s Second Movie Ever To Hit $100 Million At The Box Office – SlashFilm


“Civil War” shot out of the gate with A24’s biggest opening day and weekend ever, topping the charts with just shy of $26 million in its first frame. It benefited greatly from a slow start at the box office in 2024, with very little direct competition in the way at first. Because the film was relatively expensive with a sizable marketing campaign, it still has a way to go before reaching profitability from its theatrical run alone. That said, the movie has held quite well week-to-week and it still has some gas in the tank. Luckily, between VOD and the output deal that A24 has with the Max streaming service, it has a good shot at getting into profits with post-theatrical revenue at this point.

All due respect to Kirsten Dunst, but this is a movie that has found its audience without any big A-list movie stars, and without a franchise hook. In a year where things have looked pretty grim on the theatrical side of the movie business, it’s nice to see an original story that doesn’t pull any punches doing meaningful numbers. If it can continue to leg out and find an audience in the markets it has left to open, it has an outside shot at becoming A24’s biggest movie ever. That would be impressive.

It’s important as the studio, despite its reputation, has not had all that many big hits, save for a few breakouts like last year’s “Talk to Me.” More often, A24 has faced disappointments such as 2018’s “Under the Silver Lake,” which is why the studio is trying to make more audience-friendly bets while staying true to its principles. So far, that seems to be working. Fingers crossed for more of the same in the coming months/years.

“Civil War” is in theaters now.

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