Church Of Scientology Allegedly Tried To ‘Derail’ Danny Masterson’s Trial


Disgraced actor Danny Masterson‘s rape victims have slammed the Church of Scientology in a court filing, claiming that the organization tried to “derail” the trial by running a “campaign of harassment and intimidation.”

The court filing, made last December, claims that the church targeted a specific prosecutor in the case, broke the windows of their car, and “tampered” with the electronics of their home. The organization has reportedly denied any wrongdoing.

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Danny Masterson’s Victims Accuse Church of Scientology Of ‘Harassment And Intimidation’


According to a recently unearthed court filing, rape victims of the “That ’70s Show” star accused his church, The Church of Scientology, of harassing and intimidating one of the prosecutors in the trial.

The court documents, obtained by the LA Times, state that the “prosecutor’s home and car windows were broken, the prosecutor’s home electronics were tampered with, and Defendants’ agents surveilled the prosecutor.”

Masterson is currently serving a 30-year sentence for rape charges after being sentenced by a Los Angeles court last year.

Shortly after his sentencing, his wife, Bijou Phillips, filed for divorce. The actor’s church also distanced itself from Masterson by labeling him a “suppressive person.”

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The Church Of Scientology Was Previously Accused Of Meddling In Danny Masterson’s Trial

First Mugshot Of 'That 70s Show' Actor Danny Masterson Revealed

Prior to the recent accusation, the Church of Scientology was accused of making attempts to interfere with Masterson’s trial.

According to the LA Times, last year, LA County Deputy District Attorney Reinhold Mueller recalled experiencing worrisome incidents similar to those detailed in the court filing during an acceptance speech.

Mueller claimed that his home had been trashed and that he had been “run off the road.” The deputy added that his internet and cell service were mysteriously cut off.

Mueller also said that the LAPD detectives on the case were “stalked.” Although the deputy didn’t blame the Church of Scientology directly during his speech, law enforcement sources told The Times that he accused the church of being behind the strange occurrences.

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The Church Of Scientology Denies The Allegations

Danny Masterson is seen arriving at court with his wife Bijou Phillips

A spokesperson for the organization denied the scathing allegations in a statement shared with the LA Times.

Karin Pouw claimed that the claims were false and that there was no evidence that the church was involved in any of the disturbing incidents.

She said, “Allegations that the Church harassed or intimidated witnesses, prosecutors, or law enforcement officers are categorically false.”

Pouw added, “There is zero evidence to support these scandalous allegations — indeed, all available evidence demonstrates the Church had nothing to do with the alleged acts.”

According to Pouw, “anti-Scientology bias” was evident during the entire Masterson trial. She claimed Mueller was “biased” against the church and that a judge interpreted church theology in a way that was “unconstitutional.”

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The Actor Was Expelled From The Church

Danny Masterson

Shortly after Masterson was sentenced to prison, the church of Scientology reportedly expelled him and branded him a “suppressive person.”

The church defines a “suppressive person” or “SP” as someone whose conduct impedes the spiritual growth of those around them.

The tag on the actor meant that other church members, including his estranged wife, Bijou Phillips, had to cut ties with him.

Private investigator Jeffrey Augustine revealed Masterson’s status as a “suppressive person” on his website, The Scientology Money Project. The project has been on a mission to expose the church’s alleged wrongdoings since 2014.

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Why Was Danny Masterson Branded A ‘Suppressive Person’?

Danny Masterson leaving court with Bijou Phillips after rape trial ended in a mistrial

In a chat with the Daily Mail, Augustine, an ex-Scientologist, explained why the church decided to expel Masterson despite showing support for the actor through his court trials.

Augustine claimed that the church did not plan to go public about Masterson’s “suppressive person” status and still told members that the actor was innocent.

He said, “According to my sources, Danny has been declared a suppressive person, which means he would be expelled from Scientology. They are telling Scientologists that he will file an appeal and that he is innocent of the charges for which he was convicted.”

“They (church officials) declared Danny a suppressive person for not maintaining the high ethical standards for the Church of Scientology, and other reasons – but not because he was convicted of rape,” Augustine added.

One of Masterson’s alleged victims, Chrissie Carnell Bixler, whose case against the actor was met with a deadlocked jury, Bixler told the news outlet, “They should have declared him an SP when [she] originally went to them.”

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