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You can see the results of this shift in the blockbusters that debuted during this timeframe. 2012’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” is modeled on “Batman Begins” (for some reason, Spider-Man does all his web-slinging at night). Then, 2014’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” pivots into a brighter direction with set-up for (still unmade) spin-offs.

2013’s “Man of Steel” is the same. Warner Bros. wanted the same lightning to strike for Superman that had for Batman, so the studio got Nolan to produce and “The Dark Knight” trilogy screenwriter David S. Goyer to write “Man of Steel.” Goyer’s script apes not just the tone of “Batman Begins,” but the non-chronological structure. Then Warner Bros. realized it needed a DC Cinematic Universe to compete with Marvel’s, so “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” it was. Legendary’s “Godzilla” is the third case of this: a serious reboot followed by sequels that get ever-more sillier and reliant on crossovers. 

Now, the cinematic universe trend didn’t really work for anyone except Marvel and Legendary. With the latter, it helped that they only had two central characters (Godzilla and King Kong), which kept things manageable. So, what comes next, since it now looks like Marvel Studios’ reign is winding down?

Based on the box office results for “Godzilla x Kong,” the King of the Monsters is still going strong. As for the Dark Knight, Warner Bros.’ second attempt at a DC Universe will be introducing a new Batman (not yet cast) in Andy Muschietti’s “The Brave and the Bold.” Will this one revitalize Batman like Nolan’s films did, or like Gareth Edwards did for Godzilla? I’m unconvinced.

“Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” is still playing in theaters and is also available to rent or buy on digital platforms.

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