Chloë Grace Moretz’s String Bikini Photos At 18 Deemed ‘Creepy’


Chloë Grace Moretz herself received zero complaints as she was photographed bikini-clad and on-set in 2015, but one look at the newspaper article covering the story shows a comments section that’s creeped out. In October of that year, the actress was chased around by The Daily Mail‘s paparazzi, with the images showing her in a skimpy two-piece as she filmed scenes for the sequel to movie Neighbors in LA. At the time of the photos, the 27-year-old was 18, and it looks like the cameras capturing her in swimwear from afar have caused a stir. More than one user referred to the media outlet as being “creepy,” with many more finding the whole thing invasive.

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Stunning In Bikini Photos While On-Set

Scroll for the snap. Seen amid a crowd, Moretz showed off her super-fit figure in a micro string bikini in red and blue. Rocking a plunging red triangle top that flashed her cleavage and drew the eye to her sculpted abs, the blonde kept itty-bitty in blue briefs, wearing shades as she stood amid greenery and outdoor furnishings.

Clearly not having spotted the cameras, the Louis Vuitton ambassador wore her blonde locks down as she went makeup-free, with The Daily Mail noting both her “perfect bikini body” and the Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising movie she was shooting for.

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The comments section is ordered by numbers of upvotes, with replies having received the most green arrows (upvotes) at the top. Leading the way with over 1,200 upvotes is a user who wrote:

“Think about this – those photos have been taken with a telescope-power telephoto lens from perhaps half a mile away. The pap has snapped as many of a teenage girl in a bikini as he can, hoping to get a n1pple shot or other prurient image, and D M has run multiple photos of his [sic].”

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Right Or Wrong?

With over 700 upvotes, another said: “She’s 18 and the DM photographer is behaving like a stalker.” While one fan sarcastically stated that this wasn’t “creepy at all,” another straight-up called the whole thing “creepy.” Agreeing, a further fan jumped in to say: “Good grief 18 year only in bikini with a photographer taking shots from a distance one word – stalking.”

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‘Hiding In The Bushes’

Also throwing shade at the newspaper was a fan who wrote: “These photos are creepy. Hiding in the bushes to get pictures of teenage girls in bikinis? Really?”

Chloë is known for not sharing too many swimwear snaps to her Instagram, where posts update fans on her career, endorsements, and an impressive array of brand deals. Alongside fronting legendary French designer Louis Vuitton, the star has been signed to skincare brand SK-II. Last month, she walked the runway for Louis Vuitton, marking her presence in Shanghai and thanking LV’s Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière.

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