Chloë Grace Moretz ‘In ‘Bikini’ Would Prefers ‘Career’ Talk


Chloë Grace Moretz’s statement may offer a clue as to why she’s not one of those bikini selfie celebrities. The Carrie actress, 27, has made the odd headline for having the paparazzi follow her during a swimwear-clad moment, but it doesn’t look like she’s a fan of full-blown news stories centering around her physique. In 2015, Moretz took to X (formerly Twitter), politely asking media outlets to discuss her “career” over her body, however her wishes may not have been listened to. Just one year later, The Daily Mail was covering her bikini-clad Mexico photo.

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Chloë Grace Moretz Unimpressed By Swimwear Coverage

Scroll for more photos. In her Tweet, which is still live, Chloë  wrote: “Have noticed some posts from seemingly reputable outlets regarding me wearing a bikini, I would rather you discuss my career not my body thx.” The Hollywood star, who was photographed by the paparazzi in this red bikini look, quickly had fans supporting her, with one replying: “Well said.”

Also backing the blonde was a fan writing: “You’re right, you’re not thanks to do nasty remarks about it, but rather compliments on his work. you are an example.”

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Chloë Grace Moretz remains active on Instagram, often sharing career updates, plus an increasing number of fashion posts. Either she’s attending high-profile Fashion Week shows or earning herself some cash by promoting brands. Moretz joins the likes of actress Zendaya in fronting iconic French designer Louis Vuitton.

Chloë may have more reasons than most to prefer media coverage that doesn’t focus on her body. Much like actress Megan Fox, the star suffers from body dysmorphia, something she’s opened up about. “I mean, I think that’s a constant struggle,” she told iNews. “It’s something that I have to constantly work against. I have a great therapist, and putting the work into myself, and what makes me feel confident, what makes me feel strong, is all I can really do.”

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Stunning At Louis Vuitton

Seven days ago, Chloë updated her Instagram with this outfit showoff, shouting out Louis Vuitton as she rocked an all-black look and showed off a chic summer bob. Rocking high-waisted leather pants with a white in-seam, the Georgia native paired her figure-hugging pants with a jet-black blouse, staring ahead as she was photographed and writing: “One of my all-time favorite shows @nicolasghesquiere forever in awe of you and what you’re able to dream up and create.”

The Louis Vuitton promos are likely a contributor to Chloë Grace Moretz’s net worth, estimated at $12 million.

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All Smiles In Birthday Beach Photo

Chloë kept her vibe relaxed as she smiled in denim shorts and posed from a rocky beach spot in her February share, calling her thank you “belated” as she marked her birthday.

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