Remember All The Times Chance The Rapper Bragged About Loving His Wife In His Music? We Do.



Whew! Chance The Rapper and his wife Kirsten Corley left fans of their love story scratching their heads today! As we last told y’all, the estranged couple announced their formal separation in identical social media posts.

They’ve been married for five years since 2019 but have known each other since age 9 and began dating in 2013. They parted ways briefly in 2016 but reconciled in 2017 and got engaged the following year, per Entertainment Tonight.

Chance The Rapper BEEN Name-Dropping His Wife Kirsten In His Music

Throughout his career, the Chicago-bred artist hasn’t been shy about bragging about Kirsten Corley and their love, especially in his music. Two examples live in tracks on his 2016 project ‘Coloring Book.’

In the song, ‘Finish Line/Drown,’ Chance rapped, “Me and my girl plan to stay to the end/ Hope there never come a day where we be better as friends/ We in a marathon we could build a marriage on.” 

Meanwhile, in the song ‘Blessings,’ he raps, “I know the difference in blessings and worldly possessions/Like my ex-girl getting pregnant and her becoming my everything.” 


After tying the knot, Chance dived deeper into their love via his music. The theme for his 2019 album ‘The Big Day,’ which debuted on July 26, 2019, was clearly inspired by their wedding day.

In the album’s 22 tracks — 19 songs and three skits — there’s an overwhelming mention of Kirsten. Yup, we’re talking nearly every track. But three songs in particular stand-out when it comes to referencing his love for and with Corley.

First, there’s the ninth song ‘The Big Day,’ in which he calls their wedding day the “greatest day of [his] life.” He added, “So glad you arrived” in the catchy chorus.

Then, there’s ‘Get A Bag,’ which seems to be about Kirsten getting whatever her heart desires. In Chance’s words, “You want a bag/ you get a bag.”

Lastly, there’s ‘Found A Good One (Single No More),’ which emphasizes his happily taken status.

“Give me kisses in her spare time / And she’s very mine/ With her hair up in a bun, she surprise me with the lunch,” Chance raps in verse one.

And in the bridge of the song: “Slow motion (Motion, motion) / What you witnessed is a girl and a man / Coming together in love.” 

See a full breakdown of every time Chance rapped about Kirsten on ‘The Big Day,’ provided by Genuis. 

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