Cavinder Twins Dazzle In Cheeky Bikinis At Miami Swim Week


San Jose State swimmer Andreea Dragoi isn’t the only college athlete making a splash at Miami Swim Week this year. Hanna and Haley Cavinder, known as the queens of NIL (Name, Image, Likeness), have also arrived in Miami, diving into the glamour and excitement of Swim Week.

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Cavinder Twins Heats Up Miami Week Runway

The Cavinder Twins, 23, often compared to Olivia Dunne due to their impressive athletic achievements and social media presence, weren’t content to simply observe the festivities. Instead, they took an active role, making their eagerly awaited runway debut.

The twins strutted down the runway with confidence and flair, modeling a collection of playful and cheeky bikinis that showcased their vibrant personalities. Their participation is a notable moment, merging their athletic skills with the world of fashion and modeling, and solidifying their status as influential figures both on and off the court.

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Buns Out For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

The two sisters, who are gearing up for their fifth year of college basketball, recently made their runway debut for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit — an opportunity they seized with the same enthusiasm as chasing a loose ball on the court.

Their return to the University of Miami clearly doesn’t mean they’re putting a pause on their off-court ventures. On the contrary, they are reigniting their NIL pursuits, gearing up for a memorable farewell tour in college basketball. This tour is set to generate a plethora of engaging content, showcasing their dynamic personalities and diverse talents both on and off the court.

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Trading Their Basketball Jerseys To Bikinis

The Cavinder Twins didn’t take a year off from basketball to put their flourishing brand and new business ventures on hold.

Their decision to return to the game is coupled with a commitment to continue expanding their brand, with the goal of leading the Hurricanes to another deep NCAA Tournament run. What better platform to showcase their multifaceted talents than the runway at Miami Swim Week? This stage not only highlights their athletic prowess but also underscores their influence in the fashion and business worlds.

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Making Jaws Drop In Their Tiny Two-Piece Swimsuits

Now, with “runway models” proudly added to their resumes, the Cavinder Twins can capitalize on the prestigious Sports Illustrated Swimsuit brand to amplify their influence even further.

This new venture not only enhances their visibility in the fashion world but also strengthens their overall brand, providing them with more opportunities to connect with a wider audience and make a significant impact both on and off the court.

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A ‘Dream’ Come True

The siblings excitedly took to Instagram to share snapshots from their runway debut, captioning the post with sheer enthusiasm: “WHAT A DREAM? @si_swimsuit.”

TikTom star commented, “You guys are perfect,” while another follower remarked, “Look amazing!! Wow.”

A third user added, “Sooooo hot!!!!! So proud!!!!!!”

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