Carrie Fisher Was Responsible For Taking Indiana Jones’ Virginity (Sort Of) – SlashFilm


When I spoke to Fisher personally in 2015, she painted a very rosy picture of her relationship with Lucas. Going back further to older interviews, however, there was definitely some creative clashing on “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.” In 1994’s “Star Wars Insider” #23, Fisher told the interviewer the experience was, “really, really annoying, but it was very, very funny. Screaming at each other. Arguing big time about love scenes. We couldn’t disagree more, in any world, about love scenes. I mean hours of it, hours of ‘Why wouldn’t you say that? I talk like that,’ he said to me. I don’t believe it! And if he does (talk like that), they let him get away with it because he’s Lucas.”

Eventually, she conceded that Lucas got what he wanted, but wasn’t exactly happy about it: “He won. He let me win in the draft, then he went off and shot it and he changed it. I went crazy!” In addition to being paid for her work on the episode, Fisher remembered, “(George) gave me a lamp. It was a really nice lamp.”

The prequels happened, naturally, after this experience with “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.” But that didn’t seem to damage their relationship in any meaningful way. Rick McCallum told me that, “(Carrie) gave George ideas on all of the prequels. She was always there for him.”

Emphasis on “always.”

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