Cardi B And Keith Lee Team Up For Food Reviews!


An unexpected TikTok collaboration has gone viral!

Rapper Cardi B and TikTok food critic Keith Lee have teamed up to do a not one, but two food review videos and they didn’t disappoint.

Cardi B Joins Keith Lee To Review Easy Street Burger

TikTok | Keith Lee

Months after coming to Lee‘s defense after his Atlanta food tour stop caused some commotion, Cardi B has teamed up to do a few food review video with Lee.

First up, a review of Easy Street Burger in Los Angeles, California.

“So you guys know how I feel about LA food, it’s not my favorite, but I got a good recommendation about this place. It’s called Easy Street Burgers,” she said. “I’m from New York so burgers is like one of my main things. So I got it, let’s try it and rate it.”

She then revealed that if she doesn’t like it, she wants to be able to tell the person who recommended it to her to their face and that’s when Lee enters the frame with a big smile.

Cardi B Tasted And Rated Two Burgers With Keith Lee

@keith_lee125 Easy Street Burger taste test 3 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic ♬ original sound – Keith Lee

The first burger she tried was the Jalepeno Monster.

“It looks like a fancier Shake Shack. Let’s see,” she said before taking a bite. “I like it because it tastes like a chopped cheese.”

She then went for another bite as Lee said, “Seconds is crazy.” She then rated it a 9 out of 10.

Then it was time to try out the Bacon Grilled Onion Burger. When Lee tried this burger before, he rated it a 10, so no pressure, Cardi. Lee liked it so much that he joined Cardi’s taste test with his own burger.

After trying the burger, she pushed it aside and pulled the first burger back saying, “I like this burger better.”

She rated the second burger a 7 out of 10.

Cardi B And Keith Lee’s Review Quickly Went Viral!

Cardi B and Keith Lee
TikTok | Keith Lee

The duo’s food review video went viral on Lee’s TikTok page with more than 5.7 million views. The video also received more than 1.1 million likes and nearly 10,000 comments.

Many viewers dropped into the comments to share their confusion about the unlikely food review collaboration.

“The collab we didn’t know we needed,” one person wrote. Another added, “A collab we never saw coming. Do your thing Keith.” One other viewer shared, “Keith and Cardi?!?! In the same TikTok?!? I did not have this on my 2024 bingo card but I LOVE IT!!!”

Tons of support filled the comment section with fans telling Lee how excited they were to see this partnership and how proud they are of all he’s done.

Keith Lee And Cardi B Made And Tried A Viral Noodle Recipe Together

Cardi B and Keith Lee
TikTok | Keith Lee

The Cardi and Lee fun didn’t end with the burger taste test. The two also tried Buldak Carbonara noodles. Not only did they try them out together, but they also made them together!

“I’ve been seeing these Buldak Carbonara flavored noodles all over TikTok, all over social media. And I drove 30 minutes, well, somebody drove me, to H Mart so I could finally get it,” she said while holding up two packs of the noodles. Lee then walks into frame to say his iconic, “I got it, let’s try it and rate it one to 10.”

Cardi did all the cooking and preparing as Lee watched and asked questions. After cooking the noodles, she then added a “little bit of milk,” mozzarella cheese, and the carbonara flavor packet and sauce. Lee then jumped in to mix it all up before trying it.

They both took a bite and discussed what they thought. Lee thought it was pretty spicy, and anyone who follows his reviews knows he’s not too big into spicy foods. Cardi rated it a 6.5 and Lee rated it a 6.3.

“Also can see it being better if you make it right, though,” Lee said.

This Video Also Went Viral Quickly

@keith_lee125 Buldak Carbonara Ramen Noodle taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic @Cardi B ♬ original sound – Keith Lee

Fans were excited to get another Cardi B and Lee collaboration, and in the same week, nonetheless. Their noodle video received more than 3.5 million views and thousands of positive comments.

Cardi B dropped into the comments to simply say, “We did that.”

One fan wrote, “Keith Lee and Cardi B twice in one week?! I’m definitely here for it.”

Another added, “A cooking show with you, your wife and Cardi would be everything.”

One viewer shared a tip on how to make this dish even better saying, “You need an egg yolk and a wee bit of mayo!! Whisk that s— up, pour water in to cook the egg, then add noodles.”

Another viewer added, “Y’all need to put the whole packet and stir it more and I recommend using like fresh sliced cheese like block cheese not the Kraft singles kinda cheese.”

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