Candace & Anna Parker: ‘Our Starting Lineup Is Complete’


Former WNBA star Candace Parker and wife Anna are now proud parents to three. They welcomed their new son a few weeks ago and said their “starting lineup is complete” now.

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Welcome To The World, Hartt Summitt Petrakov Parker!

Candace and Anna shared the news of their little boy’s arrival in a joint Instagram post.

“Hartt Summitt Petrakov Parker May 21, 2024. Our Starting lineup is complete. We are so in love and grateful for our little brother,” they wrote in the caption of a carousel of photos of the family.

“Zone defense is ummm interesting, but we are managing. Goose is ummm adjusting ? but he’s doing better with his role as a vet???? (Mama is a rockstar and we love her soooo much).”

Many followers hopped into the comment section to share their messages of love and excitement over the newest member of the Parker family starting five.

“Ridiculous levels of cuteness! Congratulations,” one person wrote. Another added, “And now you’re complete. So beautiful congratulations.”

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‘Parker Starting 5 Loading’

In mid-December, Candace shared the news of Anna’s pregnancy on Instagram in an adorable way.

“Parker starting 5 loading! Mama and Mommy are switching from man-2-man to zone defense this spring! After four years in the game we are focused on building our roster. We know this rookie will add to our depth chart and contribute versatility to our team,” she wrote in the caption of a photo of the family.

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“The rookie will join our current roster consisting of a shooter, point forward, rebounder, and little Tikes rim attacker! The team as a whole struggles with clock management and a little bit on the defensive end. We are hoping the young buck will play their role, bring iQ, hustle, length, athleticism, and passion to this team. There will be competition at the toddler position, but we will see how training camp plays out. We are super excited for this draft and Team Parker cannot wait to welcome this new star to our team. We love you already!”

Many followers loved the way Candace announced the new baby was “loading.”

“Nailed the caption!” one person wrote. Another said, “Congratulations on expanding your roster! We are big fans of this team.”

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Candace Parker Recently Announced Her Retirement From The WNBA


Shortly after this year’s WNBA Draft, Candace shared the news that she’s bidding farewell to the court in an emotionally charged social media post.

“I’m retiring. I promised I’d never cheat the game and that I’d leave it in a better place than I came into it. The competitor in me always wants one more, but it’s time,” she wrote in the caption of a throwback photo of her as a young child holding a basketball. “My HEART and body knew, but I needed to give my mind time to accept it.”

Her caption continued, “I always wanted to walk off the court with no parade or tour, just privately with the ones I love. What now was to be my last game, I walked off the court with my daughter. I ended the journey just as I started it, with her.”

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Candace Parker Is Retiring From The WNBA But She’s Not Done With Basketball!

Candace Parker

She also talked about the injury that “isn’t cooperating” and that “it’s no fun playing in pain.”

And while she’s retiring from the WNBA, she’s nowhere near done with basketball.

“In the meantime, know I’M A BUSINESS, man, not a businessman,” she wrote.

“This is the beginning…I’m attacking business, private equity, ownership (I will own both a NBA and WNBA team), broadcasting, production, boardrooms, beach volleyball, dominoes (sorry babe it’s going to get more real) with the same intensity and focus I did basketball.”

Candace Parker Is The President Of Adidas Women’s Basketball

It didn’t take long for Candace to be ready for a “new chapter” after retiring from the WNBA.

Just a week after announcing the news that she’s retiring, the former Las Vegas Aces star was ready to embark on a new journey as the president of Adidas women’s basketball.

Candace became the first woman to have a signature basketball shoe with Adidas in 2010, and now she’s got a fancy new role at the company.

“I said to (Adidas), ‘I don’t want to be a mascot,'” she said in an interview, according to ESPN. “I really want to be in the meetings, and I want to be a part of making decisions.”

Fans are happy for her new role.

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“That’s what’s up, definitely G.O.A.T Status. I gotta, be honest with you Ace with what you’re doing. You’re definitely making big opportunities for the women’s sport of basketball. Bigger arenas, bigger forums bigger platforms!” one follower wrote in the comment section of her announcement.

Another added, “This is just the beginning for this talented, gifted, and inspiring woman. I love what she has done for the game and her commitment for its continued growth.”

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