Cala, The Viral ‘I Go Meow’ Singing Cat, Has Passed Away


“I Go Meow” became a popular TikTok sound thanks to one sweet orange cat who loves to sing named Cala. She captured the hearts of millions on social media and her sound was used in tons of videos.

Cala’s owner, Elizabeth Toth, shared the sad news that Cala passed away due to old age on Thursday.

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Cala, The Viral ‘I Go Meow’ Cat, Died Of Old Age

TikTok | Cala & Elizabeth

Cala grabbed attention online with her catchy tune, “I Go Meow.” More than 800,000 loyal fans have followed Cala & Elizabeth’s TikTok page and the orange kitty’s tune has been heard all over TikTok in various videos.

In a somber update video on TikTok, Cala’s human, Elizabeth Toth, shared the sad news of the viral cat’s passing on Thursday.

“I am devastated to share that Cala has passed away,” she wrote in a video highlighting her furry bestie’s life. “I adopted Cala thinking she was young and full of life ahead of her, however, Cala had gotten sick and was not recovering.”

She continued by sharing that she took Cala to the vet and they admitted her. The tests that were done revealed that Cala was much older than the shelter and vet originally thought.

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Elizbeth Toth Was Optimistic That Cala Would Recover

While Toth was optimistic and she knew that Cala fought hard to get better, she wasn’t improving.

“Cala ultimately passed away in my arms due to old age,” she continued. “She was surrounded by humans who love her. Thank you all for loving Cala as much as I do. You all will allow her to live on forever, to never be forgotten for how special she is.”

The video announcing Cala’s passing quickly went viral with nearly 9 million views and 68,000 comments in just a few hours. Her fans are heartbroken and shared their sadness and condolences in the comment section.

“And just like that, in a split second, the world went quiet,” one follower wrote. Another said, “This cat brought me so much happiness hearing her sing when I was down. I am lost for words. I am so sorry for your loss.”

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Another fan wrote, “My deepest condolences. Cala has made countless people smile and cheer up just by simply being her awesome self.”

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Cala’s ‘I Go Meow’ TikTok Video Was A Huge Hit!

In early April, Toth shared a video of Cala singing her hit song and the internet went wild. From that video, many others were born with the sound of Cala singing “I Go Meow.”

“She’s singing ‘sometimes I’m alone, sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I’m alone. Alone,'” one viewer pointed out. Another added, “Whatever she was saying had my cat running over crashing into me.”

Cala’s first video on TikTok was shared in February and showed the world that this kitty has a lot to say. When Toth said “Cala,” she turned to her and started a conversation. And even as the cat was running to her human, she was still chatting away in the sweetest way.

That video received nearly 3 million views and it seemed that Cala was on her way to fame without even trying.

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“She said LISTEN UP!!” one viewer wrote in the comments. Another shared, “She was just singing and you interrupted her.”

Famous For ‘I Go Meow,’ Cala Had A Lot To Say!

Cala on TikTok
TikTok | Cala & Elizabeth

Since sharing that first video of Cala talking, Toth shared many others of the sweet orange cat singing, talking, playing, and simply looking adorable.

One video that grabbed the attention of more than 20 million viewers is of Cala standing in a box on the bed while singing her song.

“I Go Meow” seemed to be Cala’s favorite song to sing! Sometimes she changed it up a bit adding different lyrics, but the sound remained the same and everyone loved it!

“Y’all, she dropped another single,” one person wrote in the comments. Another shared, “My orange cat tried to respond to your orange cat. It was the most orange cat thing I’ve seen today.”

Another person said, “That “I go MEOW” was so purfectly annunciated.”

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Cala Will Be Missed By Many!

Cala always had something to say and her fans were living for it!

In one video that went viral with more than 37 million views and was pinned to the top of Toth’s TikTok page, Cala carries on a conversation while playing with her ball.

One viewer wrote in the comments, “This is the most talkative cat I’ve ever seen,” and many others agreed.

After Toth’s sad announcement, Cala’s fans dropped into multiple video comment sections to share their sadness and make sure Toth knew her kitty was loved.

“I go meow. I go play. I cross the Rainbow Bridge,” one follower somberly wrote. Another shared, “I’m in tears! I am so so so sorry! I will sincerely miss this wonderful special girl! They are now singing ‘I Go Meow’ over the rainbow bridge!”

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