Britney Spears ‘Pops’ Out Of Braless Dress In High Heels


Britney Spears suffered a bit of a wardrobe malfunction in her pre-weekend Instagram share, although she seemed totally okay with sharing it for her fans. Showing off a gorgeous, two-tone dress as she went braless in thin straps, the pop singer sizzled as she rocked her slinky midi number with a pair of heels, taking to her caption with a bit of a joke as she also revealed that her dress was one of her most “favorite” ones. Fans have left the post over 190,000 likes.

Wardrobe Malfunction In Braless Dress

Smiling for the camera as she swayed around a little, Britney reminded fans of her curves as she went plunging in her low-cut, red-and-pink dress. Opting for feminine floral prints and sleek satin fabrics that highlighted her slender waist and curvy hips, the Grammy winner managed to keep one of her straps up, but it was less easygoing on the other side, to the point where Spears needed her hands to stay safe.

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Likely thrilling her male fans with the amount of chest on show, Britney managed to keep her dress together as she rocked brown wedge heels, checking boxes for low-key eveningwear that still popped. The mom of two accessorized her dress with a white choker necklace, also matching her pink nails to her dress.

Sweeping her hair around as she sported her blonde locks down, Britney flashed her pearly whites despite the malfunction, something she mentioned in her caption. “Of course with my favorite sundress the strap pops off !!! Pretty in pink,” the former rival to Christina Aguilera wrote.

Late-Night Pool Selfie

Britney’s The Woman in Me memoir more than allowed her to air her thoughts, but it looks like the music sensation isn’t done. Sharing late-night selfie footage to her Instagram earlier this month, Britney told her fans: “Last night as I was laying in my heated pool looking at the stars, I was thinking I need a new face wash and because I’m so lazy I didn’t get up to wash my face or even consider looking up the next best thing.”

Continuing as she said that she handled the situation herself, Spears added: “I took matters into my own hand and just like a cat… I licked my paws 🐾 and smoothed my face back with my fingers… okay so when I went inside I rinsed but the point is that the benefits of telling the truth are crucial. Be with people who know exactly what your truth is… not only do they have your back, they make you look soooooooo beautiful.”

Dress She Waited ‘Five Years’ To Wear

Britney is usually all about off showing her latest purchases, but the above video broke the mold. Going leggy in a white minidress with black neckline piping, the star actually revealed that she’d waited “five years” to try this one on!

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