Brian Wilson’s Minor Kids Set To Be Appointed Guardians


Beach Boys co-founder Brian Wilson‘s minor children require guardianship amid his dementia struggles.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, one of the music icon’s longtime reps has filed a petition to care for his young children. This development follows Brian’s conservatorship approval.

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Two Of Brian Wilson’s Children To Receive Guardians


LeeAnn Hard, one of Brian’s conservators, filed the request for guardianship. In the filing, she nominated Gloria Ramos—another woman with a long history with Brian and his late wife, Melinda Ledbetter Wilson—as guardian of the couple’s minor children.

Hard stressed that she and Ramos are the perfect candidates for guardians, given their nominations for the role in Brian and Melinda’s wills.

Their bond with the children also appears strong, as Dash Tristan Wilson and Dakota Rose Wilson allegedly consented to the guardianship.

As for why Brian isn’t being considered his children’s guardian, Hard explained the record producer has dementia. Because of his medical condition, his minor children require “official care, custody, and control” to ensure their needs are met.

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The Proposed Guardians Have A Long History With The Family

As stated, the nominated guardians are not strangers to the Wilson family, and the documents alleged that “Ms. Ramos has provided care and assistance to Dakota and Dash since they were infants.”

Thanks to her long relationship with the children, the filing claimed that Ramos could provide the needed consent and other assistance necessary for the children’s education and well-being.

As for Hard, she has helped manage Brian’s business affairs for many years and is the trustee named under his Trust. Since she also filed for conservatorship over the singer and won, the documents noted she needed authority to make payments for Dakota’s and Dash’s benefit.

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The Minor Children Have A $200K Estate

Apart from seeking authority for the children’s wellbeing, Hard is pushing to be the guardian of their personal estate. Dakota and Dash allegedly have property worth $200,000.

It is unclear if this sum is from their parents’ respective wills; however, given they are minors, the duo cannot manage the estate without a guardian’s help.

Hard doubled down on her and Ramos’s intentions to serve Dakota’s and Dash’s best interests, citing their long relationship.

“Gloria Ramos has been involved with the Wilson family for nearly 40 years. She has served as their house manager during that time and is a maternal figure” for Dash and Dakota. The document also alleged the children love Ramos as if she were their own mother.

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As for Hard, she “has been a trusted advisor to the Wilson family for several years.” Thanks to this relationship, the financial manager is aware of the assets Dash and Dakota will inherit and can effectively help them manage the properties, given her experience.

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Brian Wilson’s Conservatorship Was Approved

The Blast recently reported that Brian’s conservatorship petition was approved by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gus T. May. The legal umpire ruled the 81-year-old needed guardianship due to his medical condition.

The music icon’s doctor described his condition as a “major neurocognitive disorder,” also known as dementia. On that note, Judge May said, “I find from clear and convincing evidence that a conservatorship of the person is necessary.”

Brian’s longtime representatives — publicist Jean Sievers and manager LeeAnn Hard — were named as his conservators. May’s approval received no objections, including from the entertainer’s children.

The Beach Boys Co-Founder’s Children Will Be Consulted On Medical Decisions

Two of Brian’s seven children, Carnie and Wendy Wilson from the singing group Wilson Phillips, previously raised objections amid his conservatorship trial. They asked for a delay in the process at an April 30 hearing, noting they had issues to work out.

Given that there were no objections at the latest hearing, it seemed their differences had been settled. The duo’s only request was for Brian’s children to be added to a group text chain.

There, they would all be consulted on their father’s medical decisions. Judge May approved their stipulations, officially making Brian’s children a part of his healthcare decision-makers.

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Additionally, the Beach Boys co-founder’s court-appointed attorney, Robert Frank Cipriano, supported the conservatorship. In a report, he claimed he approved the petition primarily because of the 81-year-old’s general consent.

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