Boris Kodjoe Teases ‘Station 19’s Final Season (Exclusive)


Boris Kodjoe is so good-looking that even big-name stars can’t resist his face! 

Last month, Sterling K. Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathé appeared on Keke Palmer’s podcast, Baby, This Is Keke Palmer, where the latter admitted that Kodjoe has always been her celebrity crush. And when Palmer asked how the couple deals with intimate love scenes with other stars, Bathé revealed that Brown is generally cool — except for one instance when she starred opposite Kodjoe in the 2007 film All About Us

When ET asked the First Wives star and her Oscar-nominated husband about the story at the 30th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards later that month, Brown admitted that he understood why his wife likes Kodjoe so much. 

“Boris is a beautiful man, I respect it,” the American Fiction star said at the time. “It’s all good.”

Kodjoe, who tells ET that he hadn’t heard of Bathé’s recounting, has nothing but love for the long-time couple. “Oh my gosh, that’s hilarious. I had no idea. She never told me that,” he tells ET’s Deidre Behar. “That’s amazing. We had a really great time!”

The Station 19 star recalls how they filmed All About Us “right before” his son was born. “I remember because my wife came to the set, and she was like eight months pregnant,” he adds. “It was a great experience, really. I love them both, they’re extremely talented, amazing people.”

Boris Kodjoe on 'Station 19' – James Clark/ABC

When asked about his celebrity crush, the father of two tells ET that he’s been “lucky to film with the most amazing women in this industry,” including his wife of 19 years, Nicole Ari Parker

And he’s even luckier to star alongside more amazing women on ABC’s Station 19 as the fire station drama airs its seventh and final season. 

“My emotions are a mixture of, you know, sadness and joy and pride and excitement,” Kodjoe tells ET of the farewell season. “A big chapter in my life (is) coming to an end and it’s really sad because of the relationships that you form. This is really all about relationships. What we do, we get to play make-believe on a daily basis with people we love and respect. This is truly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I love everybody on the crew and the cast, the writers, the producers, and we’ve really grown to be a family.”

Kodjoe’s co-star, Jaina Lee Ortiz, echoes his sentiments. 

“It’s bittersweet… We’ve created such a special family here, and I think that’s the thing we’re gonna miss most, showing up to work every day and just having fun with each other,” Ortiz tells ET.

Barrett Doss, Boris Kodjoe, Jaina Lee Ortiz on 'Station 19' – Tina Thorpe/ABC

While the actress can’t deny the bittersweetness of saying goodbye after seven seasons, she shares that it’s still a celebratory experience; especially as the show airs its 100th episode. “I think everyone’s gonna leave with a warm heart,” she predicts.

Station 19‘s seventh season will consist of 10 episodes. Over its run, the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff has been lauded for tackling timely topics and recently received a Sentinel Award from Hollywood, Health & Society for its depiction of systemic racism in season 6.

“I think the legacy of this show goes back to my community,” shares Ortiz, overwhelmed by emotion. “It’s sort of a love letter to Latinas and the Latinx community… It’s been so beautiful and (a) life-changing experience for me and in my career and I just hope it inspires people.”

Jaina Lee Ortiz on 'Station 19' – Raymond Liu/ABC

Co-star Carlos Miranda shares that the final season allows things to come “full circle” for the characters and fans. 

“People’s stories are being fulfilled and (I hope) people will be happy,” he tells ET. “We’ll have some good stuff coming this season. I’m excited for y’all to see it.”

Kodjoe agrees, although he jokes that fans should be wary because “everybody dies” in the finale. More seriously, the actor credits the show’s fans for being so passionate about the series and fighting for it to stay on air.

“I just have to say, I love our fans. You have been the backbone of this show, giving us support and love throughout the years and we don’t take that for granted at all,” he shares with ET. “We are here because of you guys. And all the campaigning and the protesting and sending letters, we really appreciate that.”

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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