Boosie Records His Surprising Interaction With Police During A Traffic Stop (VIDEO)


Boosie Badazz was recently pulled over by the police and shared the interaction on social media.

The Baton Rouge native’s encounter with law enforcement began rocky but seemingly ended on a good note.

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Boosie Badazz Gets Stopped By The Po-Po

The entertainer began to record the officer as he approached the car and placed the phone down before he reached the window. Boosie’s face was still visible in the frame.  “What I did?” the rapper asked with despair in his voice. He was seemingly annoyed and frustrated that he was pulled over. The officer stated that he drove through a yellow light and failed to utilize his blinker when he passed a vehicle. He asked the entertainer for his license so he could run his information. Boosie begrudgingly handed it over. When the officer began to walk back to his patrol car, the rapper said, “I didn’t do s***.”

Boosie ultimately wasn’t given a ticket. The text on the video reads, “GAVE ME A WARNING. SAY HE LIKE THE COLOR OF THE CAR LOL. TURNED OUT HE WAS COOL.”

Roomies React To The Video

Commenters under The Shade Room’s Instagram report weighed in on Boosie’s encounter with the police.

@therealmesha.j wrote, “It’s boosie still saying ‘I didn’t do s***’ when the cop told him everything he did wrong.”

“He boutta cry,” @champagnetry quipped.

“As long as he don’t pat your roof and say sit tight you’re good,” @wittynpretty wrote.

Some criticized the officer for pulling Boosie over for driving through a yellow light.

“A yellow light!? Sir that’s a green light with caution lol,” @andriel_lk stated.

Others appreciated the interaction and thought the officer was nice for letting Boosie off with a warning.

@detroitdar_ said, “Some cops be super cool, one pulled me over and end up following me on the gram. that’s my dawg.”

@sbaby1 agreed, “Some cops are cool. Some aren’t. They are human after all.”

“One thing Boosie gone do is get stop by the law and tell us what he in need of. I just love him,” @sharonda_2016_ stated.

What Do You Think Roomies?

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